The best supplement?

With social media, influencers and even so called “doctors” promoting all sorts of supplements and “hacks” to be healthier…

On the one hand we have more information at our disposal which could help us be more mid fil and consider healthier choices

But on the other hand, how much does this lead to us being out of touch with ourselves, fragile, anxious and overwhelmed?

I’ve been carefully observing this over the past few months.

Working with lots of different people 

I see lots of what people have tried.

But also, their reasoning for trying it.

It often starts as a positive thing.

Eg. I want to get sunlight in the day to help my sleep 

My resting heart rate has gone down, I am getting fitter

But this can lead to a negative placebo effect …

Here are just a few examples from over the last few months:

1)“My watch says I’m not recovering well so I didn’t exercise today. I feel good though”

^^ as much as a lot of these watches are great, their algorithms are not as good as YOUR interpretation 

2) “My blood sugar level spiked after I ate porridge so I now avoid porridge and haven’t had it since”

^^ how was your sleep? How much did you have? Did you have protein or fat with it? Had you exercised recently? Are you stressed? Did you have a load of caffeine at the same time? These are just a few of the things that impact your blood sugar levels. (And a spike does not mean you’re unhealthy if it comes back down)

3) “My watch says I’m not sleeping well. How can I improve this? I’m worried I’m not getting good sleep. I feel fine”

^^ again, massive anxiety and stress caused by this

These are just a few examples. 

My advice to you?

Question everything and everyone (even me).

And remember 

The best nutrition and exercise plan in the world is the one you do!

Keep it simple 


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