That’s the life…

that’s the life…

I shared this picture on an Instagram story the other day 

and one of the responses was:

“Wow that looks like the life I want to live”

And it got me thinking 

About how Instagram and all social media really 

Just share the positives .

You know, even on this amazing trip where magical memory moments were made 

There were things that I didn’t share on social media:

  1. “I need a wee” – one of the kids says 2 minutes after leaving the service station because the other one needed a wee 
  2. “I don’t need a wee anymore” – as we pull into the next service station 
  3. “I just want a spade a bucket” …”not this spade and bucket” 😂 
  4. “I didn’t win” 😭 after the claw on the machine where you try and pick up a teddy just slipped through the claws…

I could go on..

And like I said, no complaints about this.

Lots of lessons for the kids 

From sharing 

To losing 

To being happy with what you have 😂 


Why am I sharing this?

Well, it’s the same in this weight loss and toning up game…

Everywhere you look 

You see before and after pictures 

And others doing so well

And I get it

I am to blame too

I share these stories too like these

To inspire you to see what can be possible

 But I just want you to know that 

It’s not all sunshine, unicorns and rainbows 🌈 

There are struggles 

From the scales

Not moving 

Or even going up🤬

To lacking motivation 

To social life getting in the way

Or just pace of life getting in the way  

And – so you think – stopping you being “perfect”

The key thing with this?

Remember you don’t have to be as “perfect” as you think.

But you will need to be more consistent than you think

Matt “can’t always win” Fruci

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