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I wasn’t sure about you

So I got this message the other day from one of the ladies who just started on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme:

“I admit to being a bit nervous about coming. I wasn’t sure about it as I’ve done stuff like this before but I can’t believe I actually enjoyed it.

Not only have I lost 2lbs in my first week, I feel like I can exercise and stick to this”

And I get it. Starting anything new is scary.

It’s unknown.

You have doubts and fears. Will you have the time? Is it worth it?

It’s why you may have noticed that I am currently offering a free one to one coaching call with me to help you get clear on what you want to achieve and what you need to do to get there

(as well as a taster week for you to have a look around and see if this is for you)

You can book a call here:

>>> Click Here To Book A Call

But I get it. You may be thinking:

“what results can I expect?”

Well, we start with an 8-Day kickstart which involves just one simple task a day. So simple you may think it won’t do anything (that’s the problem)…

Then, we set your food and fitness plan up to fit your lifestyle, making it REALISTIC for how much time you have. You can do short 5 minutes workouts at home? Or we can exercise together.

It depends on YOU and what you CAN do. This is YOU vs YOU.

We also go over any obstacles.

Christmas being a big one, of course.

Perhaps you’re worried about social events and eating out? Maybe a lack of time? We’ll put together a plan for this. 


You report back to me EVERY week. We make tweaks depending on how you are doing…

And in the nicest possible way, I’m also here to just make sure you do the things you know you need to do even when motivation is low…

Because if you do it then?

That’s when it becomes a habit.

And you can achieve results like the ladies do here:

>>> Here’s Some Of The Results That The Ladies Have Achieved Here

Want to have a chat about it?

Book a call here:

>>> Book a coaching call

Speak soon

PS. Whenever you’re ready, here’s 2 ways I can help you think differently about food. diet, and exercise so you can stop relying on ‘willpower’:

1- Get my 6 principles to help you think differently, get motivated and lose weight in my book for FREE: Shift: Simple Guide Helping Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back:


Or grab a hard copy of my book on Amazon here:

2- Book a FREE Private 1-1 Coaching Call With Me To Get Clarity and Put a Plan Together To Help You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals:

For a limited time, I’m offering you a FREE 1-1 Coaching call with me to help you put together a personalised plan to help you reach your goals. 
At the very least?
You’ll get some clarity on what you need to do to get out of your own way…
You can book an appointment with me here:
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Do this and you’ll ‘accidentally’ eat 16% more

Remember the old plates we used to eat from?

The ones with rims? As opposed to those lovely white square ones we have today <<< Mrs Fruci's idea not mine 😉

Well, it turns out that smaller plates could help you eat 16% less (without feeling any difference in your hunger...).

I know what you're thinking?

'Well, why don't I just eat off of a saucer?'

Well, they tried that. And it turns that you can trick yourself....but you can't trick yourself that much


You'll be starving 😉

But the truth is, making this simple swap to a smaller plate, bowl or lunch box COULD help you lose weight without really changing anything.

What do you think about this swap?

Would you rather just have a plan that takes the guesswork out of knowing what and when to eat to lose weight and get in shape?

Go here.

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Cooking and Nutrition Workshop With STFC

Another successful youth team cooking and nutrition workshop with STFC.

The foundations of a LONG-TERM successful nutritional strategy, be it for weight loss or performance, is education.

If you don't know the "why" it simply won't last.

You'll be reliant on a cookie-cutter "meal-plan" that Kate Middleton used to shed her post-baby weight...

If you don't have the tools to understand exactly "why" and "how" it works you can't adapt the strategy for when you hit those stubborn fat loss periods.

You also can't adapt it to your lifestyle >>>

Your working pattern, your hobbies, your social life and your favourite foods (yep, chocolate included).

^^^ And if you don't do this, then it's only a matter of time before you give in to those so-called "bad" foods and think you failed...

Get the basics right and do them very well...consistently...

And you might just find that those so-called "bad" foods might not be so bad!

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We’re all FAT again…

1/3 of dieters regain more than they lose in the first place....

^^^ read that again

So it's no wonder that shows like the Biggest Loser aren't holding reunion shows...because in their words:

"we're all fat again"

I've been banging on about the importance of setting goals recently to the 

Lean For Life Starter Kit Subscribers

Not just the fluffy SMART kind either...

BUT the stuff that gets you REALLY thinking. It can be quite uncomfortable actually.

Anyway, here's a question I often get when we set goals:

"But Matt, what's a realistic amount of weight (I prefer to use FAT) loss to expect over 90 days?"

why 90 days?

Well any longer I find it just gets washed away and we end up doing nothing...a bit like those New Years Resolutions where set a goal and give ourselves 12 months to achieve it. It gets to March and we think "ah well, I still got 9 months of the year"...gets to August and it's kind of just washed away and we're in exactly the same position as we were in January!

Now realistic fat loss depends on your current situation.

  • How much body fat do you have?
  • What is your weight?
  • How much training are you willing to commit to?
  • What stage in your life are you at? What are you willing to sacrifice?
  • Do you have a wedding / holiday that you REALLY want to look your best at?

​But here's a general guide for FAT LOSS based on my experience working with other guys who want to maintain muscle and KEEP THEIR METABOLISM as high as possible so they can ditch the belly fat:

Body fat > 30% then you're looking around 1 - 1.5 kg per week

Body fat 21%-29% then you're looking around 0.7 - 1 kg per week

Body fat 15% - 20% then you're looking around 0.5 - 0.8 kg per week

But this all depends YOUR situation... AND NOT what Chris Hemsworth did to get in shape for THOR!!

One thing is for sure, I want you to focus on LOSING FAT and CHANGING YOUR BODY SHAPE...not just body weight​!

Change is hard.

But it becomes a lot more SIMPLE once you admit where you are and what you want.


Because you can then devise a REALISTIC and SUSTAINABLE plan that fits your lifestyle so you actually stick to it!

And as for keeping it off, this really comes down to education. Understand the WHAT and WHY behind your fat loss so you can adjust your strategy and maintain and build on your stronger and fitter physique...unlike the guys on Biggest Loser...

Speak soon,


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What does a nutrition and training coach actually eat?

"Matt, I'm always sharing what I eat with you but what do you eat?"

Great question from a new client...

So I'm going to share ​yesterdays full day of eating just to give you some insight...


In the words of Louis Van are 3 things that underpin my eating PHILOSOPHY:

  1. My food choices change daily based on what's in the fridge / whether the wife has done a shop and realised her eyes are bigger than her belly meaning I need to a whole lot of food otherwise it will go off...
  2. ​I eat to fit my lifestyle...meaning if I'm out and about I may eat 2-3 meals whereas If I have more time I may have 4 or 5...the AMOUNT of protein, carbs and fats stays pretty consistent however
  3. YOU don't need to starve yourself / restrict the things YOU curry!!

​So here we go, Wednesdays food intake:

6am WAKE: Decaf coffee, black. Pint of water. 

7am  Meal 1: 5 whole egg omelette with red onion, spinach and red peppers. 1 apple, sliced, with peanut butter on top. Glass of water. Hot chocolate. 

Roughly: ​25g carbs, 35g fat, 35g protein


2pm  Meal 2: 125 g of beef (precooked and a good source of iron...just like your pint of Guinness for Paddys day...) with white rice (yes, not brown...I'm still alive), peas and chopped spring greens. Topped with paprika, pepper, and tomato salsa. Pint of water.

Roughly: ​70g carbs, 17g fat, 49g protein

6pm  Meal 3: 3 pancakes made the night before and eaten on-the-go. Here's the recipe:

  • ​70 g Gram (chickpea) flour (you can use any type)
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • Drop of apple cider vinegar
  • 70 ml almond milk (dairy milk is fine)
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder

Blend all of the above.

Then I fried using 1kcal fry spray and topped with 1 banana, raisins, cinnamon, and blueberries. I also emptied one sachet of Truvia and some cocoa powder on top of the pancakes

Roughly: Carbs 120g, Fat 9g, Protein 35g

8pm  Meal 4: Salmon, homemade white potato chips cooked in butter

Roughly: Carbs 60g, Fat 15g, Protein 30g

10pm  Meal 5: Rice pudding with 1 scoop of banana flavoured whey protein mixed in

Roughly: Carbs 130g, Fat 15g, Protein 40g

​TOTAL for the day: 405g carbs, 91g fat, 189g protein = 3195 calories

^^^ I was actually a little low in carbs yesterday. Not a problem though as today I won't be home from working until about 10pm...when I'll be STARVING. So those carbs saved from yesterday will come in handy.


Eat to fit your lifestyle.

I don't believe in any magic foods, I simply just eat what and when I like to give ratios of nutrients. Most of my foods come from whole sources as they tend to satisfy my hunger and give me more energy so I can be more productive with my day and I get better results!


that doesn't mean curry, red wine or jelly babies ​aren't ever eaten...or as it's St Paddys day...a Guinness to get that iron in right?

​Speak soon,



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“I lied”

So this weekend I had the luxury and the honour of watching...




With the main man himself...Dwayne Johnson (accompanied by his enormous biceps) saving everyone​

The Mrs wanted to watch some romantic film BUT I stayed loyal to Dwayne and co and actually WON. I got to choose the film...WIN

^^^^ and it probably won't ever happen again

What does this have to do with me (and you) being a liar?

Well despite not really having much to it​...apart from earthquakes, biceps, Apple Macs and Pepsi <<< great product placement...

​I kept justifying the film...focussing on the good bits (if there were any). I didn't want to be wrong. And you especially don't want to admit that you're wrong to friends and family as they really know how to push your buttons...

I even fell asleep (yep, Dwayne Johnson couldn't save me) but still justified it..

And it's a bit like you pretending that you're not bothered about your body and fitness levels.

Pretending that you're not bothered about how it can reduce your libido, stop you wearing the clothes you want to wear, have more confidence, more energy, and be more productive. 

Deep down it affects us. We're humans. Unfortunately, we DO care what others think. Sometimes we need to ignore them but other times they might actually be right 

^^^ a bit like the time I did one of my first public speaking events when I was so nervous that I got a lot of (constructive) criticism in FRONT OF EVERYBODY...Swallow me up type of moment.

BUT these experiences can make us understand what we want. 





And there's one GOOD message from San Andreas:

"TRUST THE SCIENTISTS"...or you'll all be doomed by the earthquakes

So what now? Well as Dwayne says himself...


Stop lying to yourself and ask yourself what YOU actually want and whether what you're doing is getting you any closer...

Because if it's not...why you doing what your'e doing?


PS. ​Watching San Andreas probably won't help you ditch the love handles any quicker...

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Want a free nutrition and training programme?

So I just got back from eating out with the Mrs last night about 8pm (nope, it wasn't Indian...I'm as shocked as you)

I went for a "practically illegal" sized salmon fillet...unlike any other I've seen. It was no sliver.

It was at The Waterfront in Pewsey if you're wondering. Dressed to kill in cajun and other spices...the salmon and portion justified the trip..although having the football on the radio didn't quite set the mood for a candlelight dinner with the Mrs

^^^ I was keen to find out the score...and that Diego Costa will be trophyless this year!

So I got in and I had a missed call from a number I didn't recognise. I wouldn't usually call it back on date night BUT I kind of had a feeling who it would be...

It was a client ringing just to say "thank you" after he got in the best shape of his life...entering a competition and placing second!

What's this got to do with the freebie training and nutrition programme I'm offering?

Not much so lets get to it..

Although I couldn't help but hide my delight at how well Payum had done throughout his journey.

^^^ and a strong community. 24 /7 support. 24 / 7 accountability IS KEY!!!

Which is why I'm working on a new programme for my clients who currently see me in person once per week and use the Fruci Fit 24 / 7 Accountability System Online to help them get even faster and longer lasting results

Most of these guys are super busy. Run businesses. Work full-time. Have a wife. Want to spend more time with their kids so it's easy for them to:


lack motivation

Not see the point

put it off and beat themselves up about it. call themselves a failure...even though they work hard in life!

That's why I'm developing the Fruci Fit Community with customised nutrition and training programmes for intakes of 3-5 like-minded guys at a time who'll experience the journey together.

And I have a quick question for you.

If you answer it I'll stick you into a draw for a zero cost freebie programme to help you shed some fat

So... if we launched a basic entry level "Plump to Pump" Fat Loss Programme (guys only) @ £150 per month (90 days programmes) would you be interested in being one of the 1st to test drive it @ £97 per month?

Simple that's it.

Just reply A, B, C (with comments) or even D

A: Yes, definitely interested in the entry level Plump to Pump Fat Loss Programme

B: No Thanks, my current workouts and diet get me all the results I need

C: What I really need is a proven training and nutrition system in place for faster and better results

D: I'm not interested in investing in myself and only replying for the free prize draw

1st 25 replies go into the draw for the Free Training and Nutrition Programme.


Speak soon,

Matt "craving a curry" Fruci

(Want the blueprint for ditching the love handles? Click the BIG button below:
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3 Mistakes Guys Make When Trying to Lose Fat and Get Lean…

3 Mistakes Guys Make When Trying To Lose Fat and Get Lean


1. You expect yourself to eat the same diet as the model on the front the cover of a fitness mag

We often trip up by copying the exact diets that lean guys on the front of magazines are doing.

The problem?

Well, most of us don’t have the genetics of these guys. We also don’t get paid millions of pounds to get in shape for the latest movie. I too would even eat chicken and broccoli 18 times a day for a million quid and a lead role in “300”.

But in reality this stuff isn’t sustainable or practical for your lifestyle. 

And this can lead to yoyo dieting. We feel guilt when we stray off of this plan and binge eat on so-called “bad” food (whatever that means). We then feel depressed. Disappointed with ourselves for "not having the willpower".

​When in fact, it's not always willpower. It's not always you. More often than not, it's the fact you're following a cookie-cutter programme that's NOT made for you.


Take on board what fitness models do by all means. But remember that this “plan” is a plan for them and their lifestyle. Not you. Experiment with your body. Start tracking how much you eat. You can know how much you need to eat using the FREE Lean For Life Starter Kit that you can download by clicking here.

2. You’re taking diet advice from your Mrs

Now, I know it can be difficult to argue with the “boss”. But, if they come home raving about the latest "magic" shake diet, that will help you lose “weight” because it worked for her friends Tracy, Jane, and Maggie…it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.

^^^^ read that again and let this sink in.

Tracy, Jane and Maggie are women. They just want to lose some weight, drop a dress size, and get a flatter stomach.

You’re after a bit more. Perhaps you want to fill out your T shirt with some muscle or feel more confident with your top off this summer. In that case, you need to maintain as much MUSCLE as possible when losing fat.

This means you probably need to eat more than your Mrs and her friends. It’s all well and good losing 10 lbs in 3 days…but you’ve probably just lost a shed load of water. There’s better ways of doing this that will allow to burn fat quickly and actually keep it off. Ways that will keep your metabolism up and maintain muscle mass. This will help you maintain your lean body long after your diet. 


Split up with the “boss”...Just kidding.

Make sure you follow a plan that is designed for you. Find out how much you need to eat to lose fat. It’s not just about the number on the scales. Progress pictures are key, as how you're trousers, jeans, suits, and T shirts fit. Just don’t blame me when you’re trousers are hanging off and your shirts are too tight around the arms…

3. You think you can eat like you did when you captained your school football team

Things have changed. You no longer have time to play multiple sports... everyday, go to the gym...everyday, get out for a run...everyday. Family, friends, kids, work etc. all take more of your time.

I know, I know, you’re only as old as you feel. And that’s all great.

But the reality in terms of how much time you have to exercise has changed. You sit more than you used to, you’re not moving as much and you’re not burning as many calories. We often blame our "slow" metabolisms. In reality, you have to consider your lifestyle.

We have more stressors to manage in our life. We need a plan that fits our lifestyle. If we can manage 2 sessions per week that’s great. 3 sessions per week? Even better. 4? Awesome. 5? Hero. Better yourself and progress. Know where you are now and where you want to be. 


As Yoda once said, “you must unlearn what you have learnt”. Start again. Use the Lean for Life Starter Kit to get going if you need help setting up your fat loss diet. You need to start somewhere. Remember, to be your own ongoing experiment.

Take Home

These solutions are all well and good. But in reality, they mean nothing if we don’t apply them and CHANGE what we are doing right now. If you're not assessing how do you know what's working? If you don't know what's working, why are you even doing what you're doing?

Speak soon,


PS. Get the exact tools I've used with paying clients for FREE using the form below 

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