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The Superfood No One Is Talking About

It’s not green tea (or that ‘detox’ tea stuff)


It’s not garlic.


And no…I’m not talking about Aloe Vera.


But before I reveal one of the reasons why this nutrition stuff seems so confusing…


The problem has come from ‘nutritionists’ trying to apply the medicine way of doing things to nutrition:


“one drug treats this”


Now, this may “work” in medicine (I’m no expert in medicine by the way).


But “one food treats this” isn’t so straight forward in nutrition for the following reasons:


1) Different nutrients you eat in food compete for absorption (so one may impact how much you absorb of the other…This can be the case with iron levels


2) Certain nutrients taken together can enhance their absorption so you get more benefits (and more energy)


3) Eating a few “superfoods” won’t outdo your poor diet. It’s what you do on average that counts


For example, if you’re sprinkling turmeric on your Cadbury’s Fruit n Nut? I’m not sure how super it will be …


4) There is soooo much emotion in food that it’s difficult to get us to stick to rigid plans to even see what might work


5) Many of the studies on “superfoods” are not in humans..


Like one study on garlic…


Showing that the dose to get the benefits would equate to you eating 28 cloves in a day


(which you’re friends and family probably won’t thank you for).


You’re probably wondering what that superfood I was talking about is?


Now, this ONE SUPERFOOD actually contains all of these ingredients:


Vinegar – shown to potentially lower blood sugar levels and help you stay full up


Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory properties to help your gut and immune system


Salt – you actually need it…and low salt diets can actually have a negative impact. If you don’t eat processed foods? You may want to be wary of this…


Garlic – Blood pressure and cholesterol benefits


Mustard seed – high in selenium which is anti inflammatory. It is also a source of magnesium.


And it is ALL in this one product above


Why am I sharing this with you today?


Well, this so-called superfood is actually just..


French’s American Mustard…


It’s often labelled as junk and full of crap..


People might ‘think’ it is full of chemicals..


Yet, it has all of these ‘superfoods’ in?


And ZERO sugar…


My point?


Well, just like


‘eating breakfast’


“don’t eat salt”


“Avoid fat”


Things just become dogma in the nutrition world


You hear them so many times, they become ‘true’..


Making it more confusing and overwhelming..


It’s no wonder we think this health and fitness stuff has to be this time-consuming, stressful thing..


And no wonder we feel guilty for eating a so-called ‘bad’ food…


The problem is that the more we do this?


The more we strengthen the learned habit of going into


‘F it’ Mode….


So question everything…


Even me..


In fact, especially me..


After all, I’m telling you to put American mustard on your burger today


And tell people that it’s a superfood.


What do I know?


Matt ‘’superfood’ Fruci

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How Julie Lost 21lbs and Transformed Her Body Shape & Energy Without Giving Up Her Favourite Foods or spending hours working out

Here’s what Julie said about me last week:

“Before I started, I got to a stage in my life where I put on about two stone. I tried lots of different things, like Weight Watchers. I felt very unhappy with my body shape and the excess weight. 

I’d lost weight and put it back on again and again. So, I was worried about doing something, and then just getting back to square one yet again.
I’ve now lost a total of 21 pounds. My body shape has definitely changed and I can see that. I’ve had three years now where I’ve kept the weight off. I haven’t done that for the last 20 years probably.
I’ve always, always focused on weight and I think one of the things with doing this, it’s helped change the way I do think about things. So it’s not just weight, it’s the body shape, the toning, the lifestyle and the whole sort of mindset focus on what I’m trying to achieve.
It’s helped me stick to it. It’s the encouragement, the motivation, everything that you do, and if I’m sort of struggling a little bit and not feeling like doing something, all of a sudden something, a message, pops up on my phone or my iPad and it’s from you saying, “Hi, how’s things going?” And that just keeps me going.”
Well done, Julie!!

As Julie mentioned. She had tried things before…diets, Slimming clubs and a bunch of different stuff. Like we all have..

Sound familiar? 

Here’s what Julie did differently: 

1- Found a type of diet & food programme that SUITED HER LIFESTYLE 

2- Became accountable to ME and a group of women on the same mission 

3- Did the simple things consistently using our ‘Big Brother’ accountability system which simplifies this health and fitness stuff to just 3 simple tasks a day.

and that’s exactly what we do inside our 4 Week Kickstart Programme (which starts in a couple of weeks).
all for just £3.63 a day 
for more info, just email with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details.
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But I have been better

So I was away in Cornwall for a few days over Mother’s Day.

And it dawned on my that I’m not in as good as shape as I was a few years back…

It’s fair to say that “I have been better”..

But here’s the thing.

right now, I’m just refusing to allow myself to be too judgemental about it.

I mean, I’m happy with the balance I have right now on my life between work, family, health and fitness.

And if I go into “beat myself up mode” over it…

It doesn’t do anything 

And I end up comparing myself to my best day in ONE area…

Comparing myself to someone who’s bloody hard to beat…

I mean, I’d be comparing myself to when I finished 2nd in Britain in a competition…

So what am I doing instead?

Well, I’m trying to beat who I was yesterday..

As that’s definitely doable given my current work, family commitments and social life…and what makes me happy.

(best man at a wedding today, off on a stag do soon, family weekend away)

Which means I take action…

And taking action, no matter how small, just so happens to be the secret to crushing fear and getting transformational results in how you look and feel…

So my point? 

where in your health, fitness, diet or life..

are you putting so my judgment on a situation that it stops you taking action and doing the things you know you need to do to get the results you want?

All because you compare yourself to your best day?

Forgetting that just because getting in shape and improving your fitness to make everyday tasks, like climbing stairs, isn’t easy…

It doesn’t have to be hard. 

It doesn’t have to be long, tedious workouts in a gym

(I often just squat and throw my 2 year old daughter up in the air, her laughs take my mind off of the workout haha)

Or giving up your favourite foods and social life 

Just as Julie talks about HERE 

Anyway, off to have a token brandy with the groom at the wedding today to calm the nerves…

First drink in a while…

Matt “slurring his words” Fruci

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“I just eat when I have no energy”

So I spoke about being ‘mouth hungry’ the other day here. You know, where you’re not really hungry, but you still eat.

It was a bit like the other day when me and Mrs Fruci (and the 2 babies) went out for a 3 course meal…

and ended taking the cheeseboard back (babies were shattered)

But by the time ​​​​​​we got back?

I wasn’t even hungry, yet there was a cheeseboard staring at me…

and suddenly I was ‘mouth hungry’, picking at the Gouda

Before you know it? ​​​​​​

The cheeseboard is gone (oooops)

At the end of the day, it’s one meal though, right? ​​

And it’s a good lesson that when my environment does not match my goals?

All I am left with is willpower…

Which is a recipe for disaster (something I go over in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme)​​​​​​

But today..

I want to share something that comes up a lot with the ladies I work with::

“I feel I need to eat when I am low on energy and that’s when I end up grabbing anything”

And I get this…

In fact, I’d be lying if I said I’ve never been rushing around, looking to grab something, thinking that I need a pick me up…

Convincing myself that there is NO way I can give myself 5 minutes rest or break

Because I have this limiting belief that I must be super productive ​​​​and taking some time for me or rest means I am not doing all I can…

​​I’ll even convince myself that I don’t have time to sit down for 5 minutes…

Yet, in that 5 minutes I’ve just made a coffee, drank a coffee and eating 500 calories of food <<< which took 5 minutes  😱 ​​
And here’s the thing…

If you eat when you’re just feeling low on energy…

​​It might not actually be hunger…

And I can guarantee that most of the time it’s NOT..​​

So, remember what you already know…that’s usually where the answers are.

Literally, if you are in a place when you lose focus, falling behind, feeling like you are chasing your tail…

​​I have some advice for you:

slowing down and recovering HAS to be a critical part of your agenda…

Because if recovery is never planned into your life, week, day…

we burn out.

(I’ve been there, in fact, I love what I do so much I have to be quite careful how much I do…)​​

And if it is not scheduled, it doesn’t get done.

The problem with this?

Rest becomes a reward for hard work…

Instead of pre-requisite for great results and giving you the energy to make better decisions with your food, exercise and even life…

And – unfortunately – we can then be low on energy and actually undo a lot of our hard work anyway

​​​(with the decisions we make when we are tired..)

And this does not have to be complicated:

Here’s some things I do:

  1. Our month 2 minute daily challenge in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme <<< this can be enough to change your state, metabolism, mood. the fact you have DONE something for you is enough to get your momentum going
  2. 5 minutes of deep breathing / shut eye 
  3. A nap
  4. A walk
  5. A coffee on my own
  6. Sauna
  7. A Bath

I’ll even tell Mrs Fruci sometimes that I’m just going to have 5 minutes for some rest

​​(funny thing is, she actually has got to the stage where she can see how much it improves my energy and mood. And it might seem selfish, but that 5 minutes completely changes what I do for the rest of the day for me, my family, work, amazing clients and what I produce <<< which is my ‘job’)

I prefer to structure one of these during the day to RECHARGE me…maybe that’s because I work early and late with a gap during the day for daddy day care

​​(I often start at 5am and finish at 9pm)

​​​but it means I actually feel like I start again (‘energy wise’) in the afternoon. 

I can’t describe it…

you probably have to do it to feel the benefit. 

Whether it’s the challenge, a walk, a nap, deep breathing or a mixture. 

Remember that rest is a pre-requisite for energy, feeling better and exceptional performance…

and NOT a reward for hard work (maybe that’s where such negative relationships with food come from…who knows?)

Like anything…

​​You can’t THINK your way out of a bad situation.

Doing crushes anxiety, but only 110% of the time 💪

Changing habits goes a little like this:

Thoughts / beliefs >>> feelings >>> Action >>> results

And if you know what to do but still struggle to take action?

Question your thoughts. Are they even yours? Are they someone else’s insecurities? Fears? Someone else telling you what you should do?

And know that YOU are in control of how you feel…

​​as how you feel is simply the meaning that you attach to a situation 🥳 

​​no matter what anyone says or does to you, it’s still on you as to how you feel…

Remember this? And you can’t fail..🔥

One last thing…

8 spaces left on our brand new April 4-Week Kickstart Body Transformation Programme…

And I have just released the spaces on Facebook, too.​​

If you’d like more info on this ​, just email with the subject line ‘4 week’ 

and I’ll get you the details


PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

PPS. Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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“I want to feel more confident” (2 things to do)

So this week

I’ve lectured at Oxford Brookes University to Postgraduate nutrition students on nutrition and how to get people to do the things they know they need to do…

I’ve had 6 one to one coaching sessions with ladies on our programmes

and delivered ​​9 group sessions for ladies over 40 in Marlborough…

Now, the reason i’m sharing this is because even 3 years ago

the thought of this would be make so scared…

I’d be downing rescue remedies

and going dry in the mouth…

But now?

It excites me!

In fact, I love it so much

and have had such success in Marlborough

That I’ve got a brand new programme launching in Burbage in April

​​(reply if you want some more info on that..we only have 12 spaces)

So what’s changed?

Why – all of a sudden – can I now speak in front of people?

Without going red, dry in the mouth?

Well, 2 things have changed

(as I explain in this video below which I would not have dreamed of recording a few years back as I’d be too nervous)​​

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’0′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’0′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′][/responsive_video]

but in short:​​

1) I know longer compare myself my best day

2) I understand that my confidence and self esteem is MY subjective ​​​​​​​​​​​​opinion of my own self worth…so it is up to me how I set the benchmark here.

​​I can compare myself to others on social media (who just share their best days)

Judge myself on how I look…(which isn’t actually as important to me as being a great dad and husband, helping someone improve their life and mindset, create freedom from diets)

Base how I should act in certain situations on what I think others expect (which I’m not sure is even true…)

My point is that you get what you focus on…

and unfortunately, if your ‘confidence’ or self esteem’ is based on ​​​​beliefs that you don’t even know are true?

This might stop you doing the things you want to do to look and feel better…

and given that confidence comes from DOING…

so you gather proof and evidence that you can do something…

could you start by questioning your subjective opinion on your own self worth and where it comes from?


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The cholesterol lowering diet

“I’m trying to lose weight and ‘tone up…And I also want to lower my cholesterol…
Should I be eating a low fat diet and which foods will help me lose weight and lower my cholesterol?”
^^^ A question I get from a lot of ladies on our Fit For Life Programme.
I get it. It’s confusing out there. It seems like they change their mind about butter, eggs and cheese every day.
Forgetting ONE key thing I’m going to share with you today.
So, first things first….There are certain foods which MAY lower your cholesterol.
Here’s 4 ‘cholesterol lowering’ (types of) foods:
1) Oats – they contain beta glucan which can bind to cholesterol and interfere with it’s absorption. 3g of a type of fibre (beta glucan) found in oats per day has been shown to reduce cholesterol

​​ (that’s equivalent to 3 bowls of porridge per day, however…)

2) Unsaturated fats – swapping saturated / trans fats for polyunsaturated, such as oily fish, olive oils and nuts, or monounsaturated fats, such as avocado and olive oils can have cholesterol lowering effects (you could also fry with ‘fry light’ instead of butter / coconut oil)

That said, saturated fats seems to have a neutral effect…so I’m not saying you have to avoid them.​​

3) Plant sterols and stanols – They are similar in structure to cholesterol so may block the absorption of cholesterol.

​​They are found in veggies and nuts.

​​However, you’d probably need to eat a ton of these to get the amount needed for the ‘cholesterol lowering’ effect (hence the yoghurts etc..but even them, you still have to eat quite a bit of the stuff)


4) Soluble fibre – Yep, found in good old fruit, veggies, and pulses like lentils and beans! Your other half won’t thank me for that one…
But are we missing what’s REALLY important here?
Well, the scientists looked at the effect of high fat vs low fat diets on cholesterol levels and found:
* Low fat diets decreased bad (LDL) cholesterol
* High fat diets were superior to low fat diets with respect to good (HDL) cholesterol 
^^^ Controversial, right?
Because we now know that your ratio of good (HDL) to bad (LDL) cholesterol is a key indicator in heart disease. 

​​And is perhaps a better indicator than TOTAL CHOLESTEROL…
But there’s more
Weight loss / FAT LOSS through diet and exercise is important

​​as every kilogram of weight loss is associated with a DECREASE in your bad cholesterol and an INCREASE in your GOOD cholesterol 

So, whether you go high fat or low fat…losing fat and ‘toning up’ (which muscle strengthening exercises will help with) appears to be the key 
Which brings me back to something I’ve been talking about a lot this week…
Being a bit rough around the edges with your diet.


And it’s why having a flexible approach to your diet that allows you to eat the foods you actually ENJOY..
^^^ Depending on whether you’re in the mood for a carby risotto or a juicy steak (always rare for me)…
Whilst still balancing your total calorie intake
Will probably help you lower your cholesterol MORESO

​​than just hoping that a few cholesterol lowering yoghurts will do the trick….

Especially as one study found that half of the patients aged 40-54 with ‘normal cholesterol’

still had high risks of heart disease ​​​​

suggesting that it’s not all about this one number

and that everything from your stress management, exercise habits, eating and sleep

Are probably all things we can look to improve today

no matter how small…

progress is progress.​​​​


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Stop saying ‘sorry’

So my 2 year old daughter occasionally just says:


For no apparent reason…

Just – I guess – copying from me or Mrs Fruci?

Who, knows..

Maybe I should stop saying ‘sorry’ so much

for often doing nothing wrong…

in fact, sometimes we feel bad for getting results???

Just in case it offends someone else

Or gets seen like you are ‘bragging’

worrying about making other people feel bad for doing NOTHING..

it’s almost like we DO apologise for what we’ve managed to pull off…

(I imagine there’s even mums out there today apologising for receiving presents on Mothers Day <<< JUST SAY THANK YOU…you do an amazing job!! in fact, you do all of the jobs haha so at least for today just let the Mr do it…)​​

But the problem with never appreciating your results and what you do well?

It DRAINS your confidence

think about it.. NOT appreciating how far you’ve come has you focused on what you still have to do or what HASN’T worked

and confidence.. is one of the most important things we all want, right?

as it makes it easier to ‘say’ to the things we want to do

we feel better


So I just thought I’d stet out of my comfort zone and ‘brag’ with a few things I’m proud of doing over the last few years:

* Nailed my public speaking fear and now get invited to speak at Oxford Brookes University as a guest lecturer and deliver NHS education for people with Type 2 diabetes

* Helped over 300 ladies develop a positive relationship with food and the so-called ‘perfection’ they were looking for, feel better and kickstart themselves into better fitness and eating habits to finally look and feel how they want to feel (LIKE THESE LADIES HERE)

* I became a dad to two amazing daughters 🙂

* I’m now helping more people the I ever have done with their nutrition and exercise habits even though I never thought I’d ‘have time’ when I became  dad of 2 under 2 🙂

* Published my book first book, SHIFT: Simple Guide To Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back (which is available on Amazon)

* I have a Vegan book covering all of the nutritional considerations and 100 recipes ( I’m not actually vegan but I know it can help people)

* Have my first children’s story book coming out next month which I did with my wife (which will also be on Amazon and is kind of for parents just as much as kids…)

* We’ve got our own Fruci Fit app, manual, Big Brother accountability system to help you ( and me) get out of your own way and stay accountable to the things you know you need to do.

* I date my 2 year old daughter twice a week one to one (rugby tots and coffee or park date)

and probably some other things…

and the fact is, my struggles and problems along the way have actually GROWN …

You see, whereas I thought achieving more would get rid of my problems…

They’ve actually grown…

I have more problems than ever…

But that’s what allowed me to continue growing and learning and helping more people all whilst having an amazing family.

And when I receive messages like this from Ali..

it’s no wonder I get up so early to make sure I do what I have to do achieve my goal of helping 100 people every, single month:

“I just wanted to say that your system and overall approach to our health and wellbeing is second to none.
Your website is super.
The exercise videos great.
Your attentiveness to us as individuals is amazing….really don’t know how you keep up with everyone….  you manage to keep track of us and communicate with us brilliantly.
Your attention to detail is second to none…remembering and knowing our individual challenges with our bodies.
Your sessions are fantastic. The boxing is something we all enjoy….a release of all that positive/negative energy is a fun way to work it.
The fun way that you instigate the exercise challenges gain fab results from all.
Thank you!!!
and on that note, if you’d like more info about our 4-week kickstart programme opening up again soon

just email with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details

Matt ‘sorry’ Fruci
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Does the good cause the bad? (how to shift from the dieting mindset)

Have you ever had that ‘one’ last blowout on all the foods you love before starting a new diet?
Me, too…

Peanut butter. Bread. Cereal. Pizza. Cake. Biscuits. Pringles. Avocados (if you are into syns))

You name it..

And it’s not uncommon for some of the ladies who I’ve worked with to tell me how they eat their kids chocolates and have to replace them (multiple times) before this ‘new diet’ comes along..

Or they say things like:

‘I’ll have to have to get rid of all of the chocolates in the cupboard before I start, Matt”…​​​​

You see, you are NOT ALONE..

even though you probably know from reading my stuff that NO FOOD IS OFF LIMITS…

It is only human nature to associate a new diet with scarcity / deprivation.

​​Which results in you 
thinking that you need to stock up.

They term it ‘The Last Supper Effect”

​​With research showing that when they tell people that they are about to go on a diet?

​​they gain weight in the time they were told about the diet and the time to start.

So where does this come from?

Well, it’s the ‘diet’ culture.

They tell you to restrict certain foods. That foods are bad.

That you have to suffer…​​

So what’s the way around this?

Well, the research shows to STOP restricting foods. 

(for most people)​​

The most ironic part for me is how restricting so called ‘bad’ foods to be healthier…results in behaviours, like binging, which are actually worse for your health…

​​In fact, some of the ladies I work with mention how they just eat anything and everything when they start a diet. 

Even foods they wouldn’t normally eat…

And I’m not saying this whole thing is easy..

But it doesn’t have to be harder than it needs to me…

As in my experience with working with the amazing ladies on our programme (such as these ladies here)

The ones that get the best results are the ones that understand it is ok to not be perfect

and don’t let that derail their day, week and month​​​​…

So they can stick to something for long enough to see the results they finally want

In how they look and feel.​​​​

And speaking of which

Our 4-Week kickstart programme opens up again soon.

If you would like more info on this, just press reply with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details. ​​

​​​​​​​​Matt ‘last supper’ Fruci

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Curry night, eating out and getting fit

So I’m off for a curry night at The Palm (curry house) next week 

with the ladies on our Fit For Life Programme

A bit of get together / excuse to have a curry 😂

But the thing is, eating out and on-the-go when trying to lose some weight and drop a few dress sizes is one of the most common challenges I hear from the ladies i work with…

“What’s the best thing to choose?”

or even…

“Maybe this isn’t the best time to start?”

“Will it still work if I eat out a lot?”

Almost like you have to choose one or the other…eating out or losing weight…

And I guess it comes down to what you mean by ‘work’…

it’s only going to ‘work’ if you fit the ‘diet’ to YOUR lifestyle….

And I’m pretty sure, that your lifestyle will involve meals out…

Holidays, Christmas, birthdays, Easter,  BBQs, and even your local nutritionist inviting you to curry nights out 😉

So what can you do?

Well, not only did I ask some of the ladies using on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme what they do when eating out, but I also combined this with what the sciencey stuff says about eating out and still losing weight…

1. Choose the social events you’re going to enjoy and others where you’ll make healthier choices

2. Walk around a buffet before picking up a plate

3. Know there’s a difference between being full up and having enough

4. Focus on company not food

5. Know that you are not missing out, but simply aligning your actions with your goals. 

how much of what you choose to eat is based on what other people do?

One study showed that when 2 out of the 3 friends opted for the ‘healthier’ option, the 3rd friend followed

6. Think Debits and Credits – Whether you’re tracking points, calories, syns, or just trying to eat ‘heathy portions’, all can work. 

But how might your mindset around thinking ‘F it, I’ll start again on Monday’ change if you knew that you COULD allow more on certain days to compensate and less on others?

Put it this way, if you had a budget of £100 for a week and you spent £80 in 1 day, you wouldn’t think ‘F it…might as well spend £800’

Yet that is essentially our mindset when it comes to food…

Causing you to spiral from one bad meal to one bad day to one bad week to ‘what’s the point’…

And it’s blooming hard getting started again…​​​​​

Key take home?

Eating out is probably a part of your lifestyle.

So by saying you can’t start or there’s no point in starting if you’re eating out

Is basically saying that you either have to give up your social life or stay the same as it’s not ‘perfect’

And -again – it comes back down to that belief you have that it has to be ‘perfect’…

Which stops you sticking to something for long enough to see the results you want to see…

You see, time with family and friends and having some fun (which you’re allowed to do)

is probably the reason why you want to invest some time and energy in your health and fitness…

To have more energy. Confidence. Feel great in the clothes you wear. How you feel. 

Sure, some compromises have to be made…

and ​​you’ll probably get quicker results if you never eat out and deprive yourself…

But that’s not for me…

and it probably comes to the question of:

What makes you happy?​​​​

Matt ‘love a curry’ Fruci

PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

PPS. Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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6 Packaging Buzzwords To Lookout For

It’s minefield right now…

all of the dairy free milks, gluten free breads, ‘natural’ ingredients, organic, vegan, coconut sugar…

It’s confusing, right?

And some food manufacturers are taking advantage of this

potentially leading to you making choices that might not be as beneficial as you thought (both for your waistline and your bank account).

so I thought I’d run through 6 packaging buzzwords :

1. “Vegan” – Despite the word being associated with ‘health’….

Food manufacturers put vegan on ice creams, cookies, and even crisps (which should be vegan anyway) to make them seem better than the original…

2. “Gluten free” – Just go down the gluten free isle and have a look at the calories…a biscuit is still a biscuit.

3. Coconut sugar / beet sugar / brown rice syrup etc. – these are all just the same as plain old…sugar (which is also ‘natural’)

4. Agave syrup – Did you know this has 5 times the calories as sugar?

Now, it is sweeter than sugar, so the ‘proposed’ benefit is that you might use less… It’s also a vegan substitute for honey…but it’s still just sugar.

And the perceived ‘health’ benefits can often make people eat more sugar….​​

5. “Organic” – There’s very little difference, if any, in NUTRITION between organic and conventional packaged food.

​​Now, I’m not talking about taste or sustainability…but the nutrition.

​​Personally, there’s some foods where I find organic tastes better, like carrots and eggs…but just remember eating organic is not necessary to get the nutrients you need.

6. “high in protein” – It’s no doubt eating more protein in your diet will probably only be a good thing for your hunger and fat loss (not to mention skin, hair, and split nails) 

BUT…just because it says it’s ‘high in protein’ it doesn’t mean it actually is.

​​Sure, it may be higher than the original cereal, but it’s still not a ‘high protein’ food…

My point ?

Contrary to what many of the food manufactures might want you to believe, you don’t have to change EVERYTHING to get healthy and lose some body fat…

In fact, this ‘all or nothing’ mindset and thinking it has to be ‘perfect’ is probably stopping you from starting and…

​​getting closer to where you want to be.

Remember: Consistency >>> Perfection

So, start small. Don’t forget to pack your bottle of water with you today and keep it within arms reach all day

^^ something that is SOOO simple, and overlooked.

In fact, when I was asked the other day what ONE thing would have the biggest benefit on someones life that they could do NOW…

It was ‘drink more water’.

Not eat ‘organic’, not ‘go vegan’, and not ‘don’t eat carbs after 6pm’…

As my biggest worry with this?

Well, in a world where you’re busy, short on time, and wondering how you can fit these healthy eating and fitness stuff into your lifestyle.. 

You’re being told to do things that may be unnecessary to get you feeling fitter, slimmer and healthier

Which end up putting you off doing anything as it almost becomes another full time job to stick

leaving you in the same position year after year…

And at the end of the day, I just want this health and fitness stuff to make you happy

Give you more energy, feel better, feel healthier and just say ‘yes’ to more things

Matt ‘food jargon’ Fruci