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Why I’m trying to complain more

Once upon a time, people would be sat down watching TV and they’d actually have to get up to change the TV channel..

People complained…

(although it did stop the programme hoppers..)

Until someone got SO fed up…

They took action to create…. the remote control.

My point?

Complaining about something is actually a good thing…

Because it tells you INSTANTLY, what’s important to you and what you need to change…

You see, the difference between people who get what they want and people who don’t is…

Is literally that the people who get what they want take ACTION about the thing they’re complaining about rather than dwelling on it…

I mean,I used to complain about my coursework at university being public speaking presentations..

Simply because I used to hate it. Go red. Nervous…

Little did I know back then that this was a HUGE hint to me on what I needed to work on..

(especially if I was to ever even think about helping 100 ladies every year develop a more positive relationship with food, get fit, and feel more confident about the way they look and feel)

So a challenge I’m setting myself is to turn every complaint into an action…

I mean, yesterday I complained about my clothes shrinking in the tumble dryer..

​​action for me?

Stop being lazy, Matthew, and put it on the airer 😉

But my question to you is where could use complaining to give you the motivation and ENERGY you need to do the things you know you need to do to get the results you want?

Some of the examples I worked on with one of my clients yesterday were:

​​​​​​​​* ‘Food at the train stations is rubbish’ >>> ACTION: Keep a piece of fruit handy

* “I’m annoyed I don’t fit into my dress’ >>> ACTION: Focus on hitting my food target TODAY and fitting in a 5 minutes home workout

​​So, I guess you could say that the fact that research shows people in the UK complain the most (around 70 times a week)..

Could be the key to achieving the results with our body, mind, relationship with food and health…

providing we take action..

Matt ‘moaner’ Fruci

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How to say no to Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate Buttons?

I've only recently got out of the (bad) habit of working from my kitchen.

Not because it meant that the occasional crumb would accompany a nutrition plan or because it meant my kitchen was messy (which I'll come on to later)

But because I would find myself snacking more.

Having a cuppa just to procrastinate.

Looking at the fridge and trying to persuade myself not to eat.

My environment was dictating what I was doing and thinking

^^^ which begs the question, when isn't it?

You go on the High Street and see McDonalds after McDonalds and Starbucks after Starbucks.

We're constantly "reminded" to eat.

But just being aware of this stuff can make a massive difference.

I'm a big fan of Professor Brian Wansink, who's all about designing your environment to make you SLIM!

Because it turns out that for every 4 minutes you spend in the kitchen, you eat (on average) an extra 80 calories!!!

And considering that an extra 100 calories per day for a year can lead to 10 lbs of weight gain, you can see how the stomach fat can easily sneak up on you!

Is it actually your "slow metabolism" or is it your environment?

Are we simply moving less and eating more?

And that's not all, a "messy" kitchen can increase our snacking by 44% (so put that Daily Mail away...).

But what can we do about this (apart from tidy up)?

Well, we can slowly change our habits and environment to help us make better lifestyle choices that'll get you a flat stomach.

For example, just one of the changes a client recently made on my coaching programme was moving all her "snack" food into 1 cupboard (as opposed to 4).

So, she wasn't restricting herself, but she was creating an environment where she didn't have to say "no" to Cadbury's milk chocolate buttons every 4 minutes...

Speak tomorrow,


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I did it “once” and then 35 London Marathons Later…

Did you watch the London Marathon yesterday?

Inspirational stuff, right?

Although watching it whilst I was tucking in to a leftover homemade burger (recipe to come tomorrow) did make me feel a little guilty...

But, from the guy looking to break the world record for being the fastest to run the marathon with a fridge on his back to the fastest guy dressed as a dinosaur...I was inspired.

I then saw an interview with one of the "Ever Presents" (a group who've ran every London Marathon ever).

He was asked whether he'd ever planned to run 36 in a row (probably a stupid question...) to which he replied:

"I did one, then I thought I'd go for the hat-trick, then the double hat-trick, then the triple hat-trick and then it went on from there, really"

And it reminds me of what happens when you set off on a body transformation journey.

You set one goal, achieve it, build confidence, set another one, achieve it, build more confidence, and it goes "on from there"

For example, I go through 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day goals with all my clients on my body transformation programme.

Yet these change depending on what clients ACTUALLY WANT compared to what they THINK they want <<< Big difference.

And also depending on how their body responds to a the nutrition and exercise.

For example, if you haven't been eating enough protein, you may get a leaner body quicker than someone else.

Just like, if you've been feeling tired a lot but have been deficient in micronutrients, such as certain B Vitamins, then you may feel more energetic and decide that you want to exercise more.

My point is that the first step is the hardest.


Because we don't always know what we actually want at this stage.

But it's only through doing that we really know.

So, instead of "Ready, Aim, Fire"...

Perhaps it's time to think "Ready, Fire, Aim"...


PS.  I've got a wholesome, nutritious, and satisfying...Burger and chips recipe for you tomorrow that I shared with my clients on my body transformation programme over the weekend

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8 Things Only Those Who’ve Tried A Low Carb Diet Will Understand

You probably already know that I used to be a one of those "low-carb" zealots.

Thinking that carbs were "bad"...

I thought it was a question of:

"Shall I eat carbs or fats?"

^^^ not realising that the answer is usually...


Don't get me wrong, I DID get results using a low-carb diet.

And low(er) carb diets are useful strategies at certain times for certain people.

Just like low(er) fat diets are useful strategies at certain times for certain people.

But saying that everyone with a pulse (I guess that means my dog, too?) should be on a low-carb diet (or a low-fat diet for that matter) is crazy and zealotry if you consider the science.

There ARE other ways to lose weight that also happen to make life TASTE a whole lot better!

Have you ever been on a low-carb diet?

If yes, here's 8 things that you'll probably resonate with:

1) You're moody - The thought, sight, and talk of carbs is really starting to annoy you-

All you want is a slice of fresh, crusty bread...dipped in some balsamic vinegar with a side of pasta, rice, potatoes, and ice cream.

You're not asking for much.

2) You smell - what's that smell?...YOU

If you're on a low-carb (I mean ultra low, here) diet, your body may start to produce ketones to help use fat as "fuel".

Sound's great, but if you develop bad breath and body it that great?

And no, you can't even blame this one on the onions (my wife can sense if I'd had onion from a mile away...)

3) You feel lethargic - Did you know remote controls were invented for low-carb dieters so they didn't have to get up and change the channel?

You can't be bothered to do much.

Your strength and endurance is down.

^^^ All resulting in you burning less calories...

You might even have to say goodbye to the type of training that actually builds a lean body...

4) You're constipated - Because you've cut out grains, beans, fruit and some veggies and've also skipped a load of fibre.

Fibre is not only important for digestion but also our immune system.

Foods containing fibre often act as "food" for our good bacteria in our gut, which help to fight off illnesses and even allergies.

5) You think you've lost 3 kg of fat in 3 days - the scales might have gone down, but much of it will probably be water and the glycogen (stored glucose for energy) from carbs in your muscle.

You may even feel dehydrated.

So, you might want to head to the pub for a "low-carb" gin and tonic.

6) You're the awkward one at social events - "um, I'll have steak and salad, please."

This was me.

I got so frustrated just looking at local foods and chef specials when eating out...wishing I could have them...

Only to settle for my crispy lettuce, tasty cucumber, and steak (for the 10th meal out in a row)

7) You're not actually eating low-carb -

You're still eating a ton of fruit, peanuts, and oats thinking that these don't contain carbs.

^^^ me, again.

The thing is, I was confused because I was told "carbs were bad", but oats were a "superfood".

How can a food be "super" and "bad"?

^^^ Debunking stuff like this is exactly what got me into nutrition...

It's no wonder we're so confused, right?

8) You let everyone know that you're on a low-carb diet and tell everyone else to do it

You send all of your work colleagues and friends a message to let them know you're "low-carb".

You even put it on your out-of-office email (just in case there's a meeting and the caterers need to know your low-carb requirements).

Have you been on a low-carb diet before? How did it go for you?

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We’re all FAT again…

1/3 of dieters regain more than they lose in the first place....

^^^ read that again

So it's no wonder that shows like the Biggest Loser aren't holding reunion shows...because in their words:

"we're all fat again"

I've been banging on about the importance of setting goals recently to the 

Lean For Life Starter Kit Subscribers

Not just the fluffy SMART kind either...

BUT the stuff that gets you REALLY thinking. It can be quite uncomfortable actually.

Anyway, here's a question I often get when we set goals:

"But Matt, what's a realistic amount of weight (I prefer to use FAT) loss to expect over 90 days?"

why 90 days?

Well any longer I find it just gets washed away and we end up doing nothing...a bit like those New Years Resolutions where set a goal and give ourselves 12 months to achieve it. It gets to March and we think "ah well, I still got 9 months of the year"...gets to August and it's kind of just washed away and we're in exactly the same position as we were in January!

Now realistic fat loss depends on your current situation.

  • How much body fat do you have?
  • What is your weight?
  • How much training are you willing to commit to?
  • What stage in your life are you at? What are you willing to sacrifice?
  • Do you have a wedding / holiday that you REALLY want to look your best at?

​But here's a general guide for FAT LOSS based on my experience working with other guys who want to maintain muscle and KEEP THEIR METABOLISM as high as possible so they can ditch the belly fat:

Body fat > 30% then you're looking around 1 - 1.5 kg per week

Body fat 21%-29% then you're looking around 0.7 - 1 kg per week

Body fat 15% - 20% then you're looking around 0.5 - 0.8 kg per week

But this all depends YOUR situation... AND NOT what Chris Hemsworth did to get in shape for THOR!!

One thing is for sure, I want you to focus on LOSING FAT and CHANGING YOUR BODY SHAPE...not just body weight​!

Change is hard.

But it becomes a lot more SIMPLE once you admit where you are and what you want.


Because you can then devise a REALISTIC and SUSTAINABLE plan that fits your lifestyle so you actually stick to it!

And as for keeping it off, this really comes down to education. Understand the WHAT and WHY behind your fat loss so you can adjust your strategy and maintain and build on your stronger and fitter physique...unlike the guys on Biggest Loser...

Speak soon,