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Why Rachael’s ‘failure’ is her biggest win


So Rachael – who recently just completed her 4-Week Kickstart Programme –


posted in our private support group last week…


With some advice that I thought was so powerful for ladies who try and try to lose weight


But get pi33ed off and frustrated when things don’t go their way..


Perhaps life gets in the way and you don’t do everything you were ‘supposed to do’


So I asked if I could share it with you today..


To which she said… yes..


So here It is:


“Hello, my name’s Rachael and I have sinned. 😂


Yes, I have failed to diligently log things in the app this week even though I’ve continued to exercise and try and eat sensibly.


Anyhow…in common with the last time I went on a health drive I haven’t really lost any weight…


but I have lost about an inch off my waist.


I’ve just bought a dress for a ball that makes me feel like a million dollars and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have got the zip done up on it a month ago.


So if you’re struggling, remember it’s not all about the scales….thankfully! 😁


Well done, Racheal…she is looking amazing in her new dress


But the thing is?


As Racheal says


She hasn’t done it all


But she has done?


Has kept going..


With what she IS doing…


You see, it might take her longer to get where she wants compared to if she went 100% all in…


But trying to go 100% all in is actually


Sometimes the reason you don’t get results


Because – quite simply – being ‘perfect’ does not exist


Sometimes, you have to lower your blueprint


And ACCEPT what you can do NOW..


Given your lifestyle


Family, and work….


Because guess what?


Pretty good is still pretty good..


And when you’re only ‘pretty good’ consistently?


That’s where the magic happens


Just like Rachael showed.


And that’s what it’s all about in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme…


We are currently full in Marlborough and Burbage


But if you want more information about our July 4-Week Kickstart Programme?


Just email me at


And I’ll get you the details.


Matt ‘pretty good is still pretty good’ Fruci

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How Naomi Lost 1.5 stone and 6.5 inches (without it feeling hard)

So here’s what Naomi said after just 12 weeks (Naomi explains how she did it in the video here: watch the video above) 

“So far in 12 weeks I’ve lost a stone and half and 6 and a half inches off my waist
which is massive for me.
And I feel 100% better.
My skin, my hair…everything.
But it’s not been hard to change.
Every other diet I’ve done, you can’t eat this or that.
But now if I want a drink or I’m eating out
I can cater my day around it.
I’m really enjoying the exercise sessions.
Which is something I never thought I’d say.
I’ve tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World before. And I lose weight.
But I don’t get that energy from that I get from the exercise.
And it’s making me better in how I feel in myself from doing the exercise.
I’m eating differently.
I’m not hungry.
which is big for me.
As that was my problem.
my problem was snacking”
Well done, Naomi 🙂 Awesome work!!
You can check out how Naomi looked after just 4 weeks in above

But the thing is…

Everywhere you look, the fitness industry litters Before and After photos – used as a way

to help others believe in the relative companies products and services.

Slimming World.
Herbal Life
Slim Fast.
Cambridge Diet.
All endorsed by slimmer looking celebrities
For sure, they’re eye catching

But I kind of think that we’ve all become a bit bored of them…
They no longer have the impact that they used to.
I think that one of the reasons is that anyone can download google images of a before and after story and claim it as
their own. 

we do see lots of amazing transformations in our Programmes in Marlborough and Burbage (just like these ladies here – it’s what we specialise in after all 

—> specifically for ladies over 40 years old.

But their story is nearly ALWAYS more powerful.

Of course, a picture can paint a 1000 words etc.. (as Naomi’s does above)

But you can’t beat a STORY, right?
Which brings me on to Naomi’s story…
Naomi saw one of our adverts last year and having got to a point in her life where

she knew she needed to make a change for HERSELF

she reached out and joined our Programme.

Her her worries.

Could she do it? If these ladies here can do it, surely I can?

Is this legit?​​​​​ 
She had tried other stuff in the past – the usual things (as she said…Slimming World / Weight Watchers / classes).

Lost weight before..

But never quite had the energy she now has from the exercise.

So just​​ a couple of points that I would love to draw your attention to in the post.
Although the weight lost sounds impressive [and it is] –
it works out
at LESS than 2lbs per week on average….

​​which many people would give up on after a 
This type of result is only achievable by being consistent.
Consistent positive weekly habits regarding nutrition and exercise.

We provide a personalised and totally flexible nutrition system to help out…

So you can still eat the foods you and your family love – even with a sweet tooth.

Now as much as losing this weight and dropping a couple of dress sizes is great…

The knock on effect, as Naomi mentions, is how happy she feels.

Confidence, fitness and energy.

It’s an amazing feeling.

And – for sure – everything is just easier when you have more energy and confidence.

Eating healthily 

the motivation​​

Saying yes to social events and the things you want to do…

Wearing clothes you want to wear (rather than ones that hide the bits we don’t like )


Speaking up in meetings at work…


Naomi also mentions about the exercise.

As Naomi said:

“I’m really enjoying the exercise sessions.

Which is something I never thought I’d say.”

Unfortunately, most ladies come to me with the ‘experience’ of exercise is something that is boring
or intimidating.

Classes can be monotonous and you can easily get lost amongst a large group where no one even knows your name and checks up on you if you don’t turn up or go through a hard time.

And we’ve all felt the eye balls staring at the back of our heads when walking into
a brand new gym…not really knowing where anything is.

To summarise then.

What I believe to be the key ingredients to success to any transformation:

✅ Commit to 3 exercise sessions per week (these can be as short as 5 minutes…1>0)

✅ Commit to making positive changes to nutrition without giving up the things you love.

✅ Do something that is FUN.

✅ Do something where you feel comfortable.

✅ Don’t try and figure this stuff out yourself – choose something where you are supported / encouraged and can get questions answered.

✅ Set a goal but focus more on the daily habits that will help you achieve that goal (this is what we do with the areas of Food, Fitness and Focus)
You DO NOT have to be special.
There is nothing heroic about the above.

Anyone can do it – if they want to.

Naomi definitely wanted to.

PS. We have just 6 places left on our 4-Week Kickstart Programmes For Ladies 40+ starting in Marlborough and Burbage AFTER EASTER.

If you’d like more info?

Just email me at with subject line ‘4 week’

and I’ll get you the details. ​​​​
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How to beat laziness

Ever have one of those days where you think:

“I feel so lazy…why didn’t I do [insert ONE thing you didn’t do here] today”

^^^ This was me nursing a hangover the day after the wedding on Sunday (doesn’t take a lot for me to get a hangover)..

But one thing I want to share with you today is that:


now, before you start thinking about

all of the ‘lazy’

people you know..

Let me reframe that statement…

people aren’t lazy- they just lack


Let me explain:

the exertion of force by means of
a lever.

and in the case of getting in shape, improving your health / fitness?

Here’s what I mean be leverage:

YOUR REASON WHY you even bother wanting to do it in the first place

Whether its a holiday

a wedding

a social event

a health scare

a confidence thing

or just wanting to look and feel great again, say ‘yes’ to a few things you want to do but aren’t quite ready yet..

LEVERAGE is the sweet spot

see, when you have enough leverage

almost anything is possible…

I mean, I know people with 2,3 or 4 kids who say ‘I’ lazy’…

Just like I know people who work 12 hour days and say ‘I’m lazy…”


Is this actually true?

You see, WITHOUT leverage?

I get that it’s hard to motivate yourself, especially when you’re feeling tired…

and THEN you’ll label yourself

lazy (which makes you feel worse)

working out your leverage is just

one of the things we’ll work out

TOGETHER inside our 4-Week Kickstart Programme

and thats also one of the reasons (in my opinion)

why the ladies, like these, get such great RESULTS

Not because they have superpowers…

But because they know their WHY

and create simple plan that is achievable with their lifestyle..

so they can stop calling themselves lazy and

beating themselves up for doing something they used to be able to do or that they think need to do to get in shape and feel and look better…

Matt ‘lazy’ Fruci

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Warning: My Best Man Speech At The Weekend

So was best man on Saturday for my friends wedding…

It’s one of those situations where although it’s an absolute honour to do…

until the speech is done

you’re downing branding on ice and the welcome prosecco (literally…that was me).

Thing is, as people were telling me:

‘you shouldn’t be nervous Matt, you talk for a living”

And that is right…

I talk to groups of ladies on our programme every day

Lecture at Oxford Brookes University

Educate and present to patients just diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes by their GP..

And even go live on Facebook whilst walking in the High Street when an idea comes in my head that I feel may help someone trying to be a better version of themselves…

(funny thing is…people at the wedding even commented on some of my videos…especially the one of me saying that when you put water in front of you, you drink more of it, even if you don’t want any << simple, but effective).

But here’s the thing:

this is my COMFORT ZONE…

taking about diabetes, exercise, changing your thoughts, beliefs about diet, fat loss, and getting you to do the things you know you need to do

That – I believe – is my ‘superpower’. I love it..and the feedback I get gives me sooo much energy for life and do the things I do…

Just reading these stories here from some of the ladies motivates me to work as hard as I do …

But when I’m asked to talk in front of an audience that Im not really sure of..

y’know, what’s their sense of humour like?

how far can I go with the jokes?

what if they think I’m an idiot?

what if I forget to toast the bride and groom?

Literally, all thoughts going through my head…

which – as happens so often – did not come true

in fact, the speech seemed to go well.

And I even kept it short and sweet, straight to the point…with NO tangents..

but it wasn’t just the speech…

I rarely wear a suit…

So the whole:

ironing a shirt thing (It looks just as creased after I iron it…thank goodness for non-iron shirts)

tying a tie (I had to get Mrs Fruci to do…just could not get the length right)

wondering what the square piece of fabric is for (it goes in the front pocket, as I found out)

wondering why there was no pockets in my suit (apparently you have to cut them with scissors ha)

You see, these are all pretty basic things to most people 

but – for me – are pretty foreign..

All because I’ve rarely wore a suit…

^^^ I even have the same shirt I wore at my own wedding (in 2014…I think it was 😉)

and I’ve never had to give a best man speech before…

But my point is that it took actually DOING it to find out these things out…

That I actually CAN speak in front of people and give a best man speech…

Because – like anything – you cannot think your way out of a situation….

And it’s the same when it comes to doing the things you know you need to do with your food, exercise, fitness and eating habits…

sometimes we think that:

* we cannot exercise because of knee, back, hip or joint issues

* there’s no point exercising for 5 minutes as it won’t do anything

* you have to give up your favourite foods to lose fat around the middle

* you have to join a gym and get sweaty to get fit…

* it’s easier to start after Easter because of meals out (forgetting that there will always be meals out if this is going to be sustainable for you…)

Which – when you really challenge – probably aren’t true…

and why we go over why you can’t get motivated and what to do about it so feel better about yourself and have more energy to do the things you know you need to do in a kickstart one to one inside our 4 -Week Kickstart Programme 

(which if you want more info on just email with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details)

But for now, I’ll leave you with this quote:

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” – Viktor Frankl

So train your​​ mind and master it…

don’t believe everything you think, today

Matt ‘best man’ Fruci​​​​


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“I’m mouth hungry, not tummy hungry”

You know something I’ve realised these last few months?

Just how easily influenced I can be .

Not by these Facebook and Instagram foodies selling detox diets …

But by…

A kettle and food…

You see, when I work from home 

I get barely anything done.

Even if I’m home alone and there’s no babies in the house.

It’s like I can’t start anything new without a fresh cup of coffee 😂😂

I procrastinate big time…

What does this tell me?

Well, when your environment opposes your goals, 

all I am left with is my willpower. 

And let’s be honest,

That makes it pretty hard to win…

And easy to fail and beat yourself up…

Willpower is a limited resource that gets lower and lower throughout the day

(Probably why eating and drinking in the evenings is such a big obstacle to losing weight)
So what have I done to help my willpower?

Aligned my environment with what I want to happen.

I want to work more productively so I can not just help more people with their food and exercise habits  

But also get back and play with my daughters…😃

So I go and work solidly in a coffee shop with no distractions….

I even turn Facebook off 😱😱😱 

for a few minutes at least haha I can only go so long without watching random videos of cats playing the piano and labradors eating their dinner with a fork…

But my point is this:

What if instead of beating yourself up for not doing what you said you would do every Monday 

With your exercise and food habits…

What if you set up your environment so you didn’t have to use willpower?

Here’s some ideas:

✅ keep precut fruit and veg in the middle shelf of the fridge (you’re 3 times more likely to eat the 1st thing you see rather than the 5th…great for fridge raiding)

✅ you locked your biscuits and chocolate in the garage in the evening and gave the key to your other half (or better…don’t buy them )

✅ keep a water bottle within arms reach 

✅ make sure biscuits in the office are also more than 6 feet away from you 

Even if it helps you make one better decision..

Progress is progress 😃

All you need to do is focus on going from A to B

That’s the secret to losing some weight, dropping a few dress sizes and keeping it off (without it seeming like some big commitment)


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It’s OK to feel demotivated

this isn’t some April fools thing…

It’s probably the most common thing I get from ladies who ask about our 4-week Kickstart Programme:

Beating themselves up for feeling “demotivated”…

Losing their mojo…

almost like no one else ever loses motivation..

Which we all know is total rubbish…

I mean, I’m meant to love this exercise and nutrition stuff

And even I can’t be assed sometimes. 

Sometimes, I’m ok with being half assed. 

In fact, imagine if we were all half assed when we couldn’t be assed? 

^^^ that’s probably the secret

It’s exactly why I have a coach to help me do the things I know need to so (more on that another day)

It’s like we think that everyone else has their $#*! Together 

Apart from us…

And that we don’t deserve to take time for us.

We feel guilty when we do

And annoyed and tired when we don’t..

I even imagine some mums out there yesterday 

saying things like 

“You shouldn’t have bothered getting anything for me”

“I didn’t want anything…..”

I could go on…

almost feeling guilty for feeling like they should have a day where it’s about them 

So what’s this got to do with anything?

Well, it’s similar with this whole fitness, weight loss and diet stuff…

In that we think we are the only ones who have negative thoughts 


Or feel demotivated.

So today is just a simple message

To remind you that:

It is OK to feel demotivated

It is OK to have disempowering emotions

It is OK to feel a bit of track…

what’s not OK?

is choosing to stay there

think about it:

what would you say to your other half / kids / family  if they were struggling / worrying about exams / work?

you wouldn’t tell them to beat themselves  up and give up, right?

you would get them to focus on what they want.  

so today…

bring your attention back to how you want to feel

(not how you don’t want to feel)

Then ask yourself:

What are you willing to do to feel how you want to feel and when will you do it?

Matt “half assed” Fruci

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The cholesterol lowering diet

“I’m trying to lose weight and ‘tone up…And I also want to lower my cholesterol…
Should I be eating a low fat diet and which foods will help me lose weight and lower my cholesterol?”
^^^ A question I get from a lot of ladies on our Fit For Life Programme.
I get it. It’s confusing out there. It seems like they change their mind about butter, eggs and cheese every day.
Forgetting ONE key thing I’m going to share with you today.
So, first things first….There are certain foods which MAY lower your cholesterol.
Here’s 4 ‘cholesterol lowering’ (types of) foods:
1) Oats – they contain beta glucan which can bind to cholesterol and interfere with it’s absorption. 3g of a type of fibre (beta glucan) found in oats per day has been shown to reduce cholesterol

​​ (that’s equivalent to 3 bowls of porridge per day, however…)

2) Unsaturated fats – swapping saturated / trans fats for polyunsaturated, such as oily fish, olive oils and nuts, or monounsaturated fats, such as avocado and olive oils can have cholesterol lowering effects (you could also fry with ‘fry light’ instead of butter / coconut oil)

That said, saturated fats seems to have a neutral effect…so I’m not saying you have to avoid them.​​

3) Plant sterols and stanols – They are similar in structure to cholesterol so may block the absorption of cholesterol.

​​They are found in veggies and nuts.

​​However, you’d probably need to eat a ton of these to get the amount needed for the ‘cholesterol lowering’ effect (hence the yoghurts etc..but even them, you still have to eat quite a bit of the stuff)


4) Soluble fibre – Yep, found in good old fruit, veggies, and pulses like lentils and beans! Your other half won’t thank me for that one…
But are we missing what’s REALLY important here?
Well, the scientists looked at the effect of high fat vs low fat diets on cholesterol levels and found:
* Low fat diets decreased bad (LDL) cholesterol
* High fat diets were superior to low fat diets with respect to good (HDL) cholesterol 
^^^ Controversial, right?
Because we now know that your ratio of good (HDL) to bad (LDL) cholesterol is a key indicator in heart disease. 

​​And is perhaps a better indicator than TOTAL CHOLESTEROL…
But there’s more
Weight loss / FAT LOSS through diet and exercise is important

​​as every kilogram of weight loss is associated with a DECREASE in your bad cholesterol and an INCREASE in your GOOD cholesterol 

So, whether you go high fat or low fat…losing fat and ‘toning up’ (which muscle strengthening exercises will help with) appears to be the key 
Which brings me back to something I’ve been talking about a lot this week…
Being a bit rough around the edges with your diet.


And it’s why having a flexible approach to your diet that allows you to eat the foods you actually ENJOY..
^^^ Depending on whether you’re in the mood for a carby risotto or a juicy steak (always rare for me)…
Whilst still balancing your total calorie intake
Will probably help you lower your cholesterol MORESO

​​than just hoping that a few cholesterol lowering yoghurts will do the trick….

Especially as one study found that half of the patients aged 40-54 with ‘normal cholesterol’

still had high risks of heart disease ​​​​

suggesting that it’s not all about this one number

and that everything from your stress management, exercise habits, eating and sleep

Are probably all things we can look to improve today

no matter how small…

progress is progress.​​​​


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I feel like [insert here]

Ever catch yourself saying:

“I feel like…

– rubbish

– $#*!

– I’m so far behind

– I’ve got too much to do

– there’s not enough time


And the funny thing is that whenever you say ‘I feel like’

you are about to use an analogy…

which means it isn’t actually true.

I mean you cannot feel like ​​​​​​​​$#*! unless you truly know what that feels like, right? 

And it often leads to that​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​‘why bother?…F it…” mindset…

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve said that…

Be it when I first started Fruci Fit & left working at Public Health

​​when trying to public speak, applying for PhD’s and being rejected, struggling to get a job after uni when I almost thought I was entitled to a job…I could go on…

And I get similar messages from a lot of the ladies I work with when it comes to this health and fitness stuff.

The struggle to STAY motivated. Keep going. Especially when stuff comes up in life that knocks in the face…

They want to change. They know something has to change, be it their mindset, relationship with food, or exercise habits

But there’s something blocking them…stopping them from sticking to something long enough to see sustainable results.

They’ll often ‘shame’ themselves into doing it. Think that if they make themselves feel bad enough? They’ll change.

‘I’m rubbish. Why can’t I do it? They’re so much better than me…I’m lazy’

But if this doesn’t work?

We go on to the ‘blame’ game…

‘It’s their fault for leaving chocolates out’

parents fault…

I have no time…

I’m not fit enough…

and we bounce back between shaming ourselves to do something


Blaming work, life, family and even kids…

(I’ve done this, too)​​

So what do I recommend?

Well, something we do inside our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme is to make it a game

So you can keep score..and see the facts

Separate these FACTS from feelings…

And see exactly where you’re going wrong and where you need to improve

(rather than shame or blame…)

Focus on getting a LITTLE bit better everyday .

Essentially, you are accepting responsibility and accepting where you are now

So you can focus on being better TODAY than you were yesterday

To increase your capacity to handle stress (as stress is not going anywhere..)

Respond to situations (like the number on the scales) rather than REACT…and think F it…

To do the things you know you need to do to get the results you want…

to get more energy and feel more confident…

So what do we do?

You score yourself each week on your :

Food – this is personal to you. It could be that you didn’t eat in your car today? You stuck to 3 meals with no snacks? did you hit your plan to give your body the nutrients it needs to get more energy?

Fitness – This could be that you did one of our home workouts? Attended a session with me? 10k steps? Look after your body, it’ll look after you

Focus – did you do something for YOU. Take some time out. Do something that makes you feel good today? after, if you don’t do anything that makes you feel good, can you really expect to feel good?

All I can say is that I wouldn’t recommend something I don’t do or that isn’t evidenced based to save you time, help you lose fat, and feel better about the way you look and feel.

And this is essentially the principles behind what the ladies use here

That we use to make it YOUR plan…not mine. Based on your lifestyle.

​Which means you’ll probably be more like to stick to it.​

So whatever you do today..

just remember that better is still better.

And if nothing changes, nothing changes…​​​​​​

Matt ‘F it’ Fruci

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16 ways to beat hunger (today)

Is it hunger?
Like, real hunger?

“H-anger’ as Mrs Fruci refers to as I get grumpy waiting for my dinner to arrive at a restaurant haha
Or is it boredom…
And cue the old:
Stress ==> tiredness ==> less prefrontal cortex activation which ==> poor dietary decisions and craving that sugary pick me up to give you that ‘feel good’ hormone boost!
Food for thought, right?
So – anyway – here’s 16 ways to beat your hunger pangs / boredom / emotional eating habits (and I’ve saved the best until last for you):
1) Drink more water – Are you mistaking hunger for thirst?

2) Get out of the kitchen – For every 4 minutes EXTRA spent in the kitchen, you’ll eat an extra 80 calories of food

3) Eat your protein – Protein is THE most filling nutrient. Are you eating enough? Meats, eggs, fish, dairy, legumes, protein powders and beans all good sources

4) Try sugar free drinks – Now, I’m not saying fizzy drinks are great for you, but pick your ‘poison’. If having a diet drink / low cal hot chocolate stops you going for the cake every night (or afternoon), then it’s probably going to be better for you! Want a better option? Try sparkling water with a slice of lemon!

5) Eat your veggies – They’re full of fibre which keeps you full. Plus, the antioxidants boost your immune system, give you more energy and help you fight off common illnesses!

6) Have a coffee – Drink coffee. Preferably only 1-3 caffeinated ones per day as I don’t want you wired on caffeine all of the time and struggling to sleep. BUT, coffee – both decaf and caffeinated – can be a great way to suppress hunger and overcome ‘habitual eating’ <<< where you eat when you’re bored / emotionally stressed! It’s also full of antioxidants…

7) Look at when you pick and notice the environment- if it’s right when you get home from work, could you go for a walk straight away to wind down from the the stress of the day?
8) have 6 protein snacks handy – tinned beans, fish, eggs, cooked chicken, yoghurt, even a babybel..make it easy to make healthy choices
9) skip breakfast.…sounds strange, but for some people I work with? breakfast makes them hungry…

10) eat breakfast- yep…some people feel more full up with breakfast. Try yoghurt or eggs to increase protein  (this might fill you up)
11) Are you eating too little, too often? You may never be satisfied when leaving the kitchen table. Perhaps try eating bigger meals, less often.
12) “I want something to snack between meals” – how long does the urge last for? are you hungry or bored? how are you feeling?

13) Are you eating ENOUGH? You might simply not be eating enough so – surprise, surprise – you feel hungry. Perhaps you need to focus on something else other than trying to eat less all of the time and beating yourself up failing…and binging? Perhaps, give yourself a little more to eat to make it more simple?

14) Go for a walk – this not only makes you feel better (because you get outside and away from all of those pointless emails…), it can also stop you from feeling hungry and give your hunger hormones time to go down after eating a meal! It’s also a great way to catch up with a friend.

15) set up your environment to make it easy – if you know your trigger time is when you finish work and get home? Could you have a snack like some fruit in the car on the way home? go for a walk when you first get in to wind down from work and control the stress eating?
16) Know that YOU are in control of your hands – It’s your choice. Everything you do is your choice. Are you missing out if you are alleging your actions with how YOU want to look and feel?


these can only work if you try them…

so which one will you do today?

Matt ‘hangry’ Fruci
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This used to scare me

So after our morning sessions for the ladies on our Fit For Life Programme, I’m off to deliver a lecture today to nutrition students at Oxford Brookes University

On essentially:

‘how to get people to do the things they already know”

Such an interesting topic.

Like…no one really needs any more info.

We just need to do what we know, right?

But the funny this is (and probably the reason I keep getting asked back to deliver these lectures)​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​Something I’m realising more and more every day

Is how I’m actually full of 💩

You see, I used to have the biggest fear of public speaking. 

I’d go red in the face. Mouth dry. Clammy hands. I’d want the world to swallow me up.

I’d even end up on the toilet with nerves and anxiety.

Id rather be anywhere (even in the House of Commons listening to Brexit)

​​I’d even phone in sick for presentations at university.

All because I thought others would be thinking that I looked silly.

That I wasn’t smart enough.

But you know the funny thing?

I don’t know much more about this fitness, health and dieting stuff now than I did when I was at university..

Yet, I’m now helping more ladies than ever with our Fit Fit For Life Programme…

And I’m being asked to deliver education to Type 2 diabetes patients

As well guest lecturing at universities…​​​

All because I stopped believing the “stories” about how I wasn’t good enough.

And it reminded me of that it’s actually not a lack of knowledge that stops you getting the health, fitness and body you want

But simply the stories and beliefs you tell yourself.

That are so powerful

your behaviour conforms to them​​​​.

And they might make you feel better in the short term…

But do nothing for you long term.

And I still get nervous now..

I accept that.

But I know that if I let nerves hold me back?

I am basically saying that my nerves / my beliefs are more important than ​​​​​​​​helping you (and me)…

Which you could say, is pretty selfish?​​

So, what stories are holding you back and stopping you from getting the fitness, energy, health, and body you want?

What do you need help with?

I’m generally curious.

Matt ‘nervous excited’ Fruci​​​​​​

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