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How to beat laziness

Ever have one of those days where you think: “I feel so lazy…why didn’t I do [insert ONE thing you didn’t do here] today” ^^^ This was me nursing a hangover the day after the wedding on Sunday (doesn’t take a lot for me to get a hangover).. But one thing I want to share …

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It’s OK to feel demotivated

this isn’t some April fools thing…It’s probably the most common thing I get from ladies who ask about our 4-week Kickstart Programme:Beating themselves up for feeling “demotivated”…Losing their mojo…almost like no one else ever loses motivation..Which we all know is total rubbish…I mean, I’m meant to love this exercise and nutrition stuffAnd even I can’t …

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I feel like [insert here]

Ever catch yourself saying:“I feel like…– rubbish– $#*!– I’m so far behind– I’ve got too much to do– there’s not enough timeme…tooAnd the funny thing is that whenever you say ‘I feel like’you are about to use an analogy…which means it isn’t actually true.I mean you cannot feel like ​​​​​​​​$#*! unless you truly know what that feels …

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16 ways to beat hunger (today)

Is it hunger? Like, real hunger?“H-anger’ as Mrs Fruci refers to as I get grumpy waiting for my dinner to arrive at a restaurant haha Or is it boredom… Stress Tiredness And cue the old: Stress ==> tiredness ==> less prefrontal cortex activation which ==> poor dietary decisions and craving that sugary pick me up …

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This used to scare me

So after our morning sessions for the ladies on our Fit For Life Programme, I’m off to deliver a lecture today to nutrition students at Oxford Brookes UniversityOn essentially:‘how to get people to do the things they already know”Such an interesting topic.Like…no one really needs any more info.We just need to do what we know, right?But …

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