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She said I was boring (the quickest way to self doubt)

So I got a message the other day which said:

“I’ve unsubscribed because you say the same things every day”

And it got me thinking…

(yep, I do that sometimes)

That is the whole point.

There’s no secret to this weight loss, health and getting shape stuff other than just being a little bit better each day…

With your food, your fitness and your focus AKA looking after YOU.

and the fact that the people who get this will get the best and FASTEST results is the reason that I make sure this message hits home…

Otherwise I’ll just be like those in this fitness industry selling out to those multi-Level marketing weight loss shakes…

And that’s just not my thing to be honest.

I don’t need anymore reasons not to sleep at night (I already have 2 babies haha)

But my point is that there’s a very valuable message in all of this

You see, messages like this would often get me to question myself. Have self doubt.

​​Say things like “maybe I am boring”…

“Maybe I should stop putting out blogs, emails and videos”…

Then I realised that this way of thinking is simply the result of what I am paying attention to..

You see, I receive messages from STRANGERS saying how motivation my blogs, videos and emails are…

I receive messages everyday from clients telling me how much they loved the session (afterwards, of course haha), how much I care, and how even though they had a Sh*t day the fact I was there to lift them back up so they didn’t dwell on the rubbish has been the difference…

So, my question to you is this:

Where are you letting the opinions of people (that you probably don’t even know) stop you doing what you want to do?

Be it with your family? Body? Health? Fitness? Mindset? Business? A message you want to share?

You see, ​​seeking opinion – or worse – anticipating the opinion of others… is the same as seeking validation…

and no-one will REALLY tell us what we need to hear

Which all leads to MORE SELF DOUBT

It makes us OVER THINK

It almost forces us to procrastinate..

To put ‘it’ off…

But ONLY way to measure this stuff?


The only way to get RESULTS and therefore INCREASE CONFIDENCE?

ACTUALLY DO IT and invest time and energy in it…

Be it your fitness, body, health, work. family

Matt ‘boring’ Fruci

PS. Whenever you’re ready, here’s 2 ways I can help you think differently about food. diet, and exercise so you can stop relying on ‘willpower’:

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“I know I have willpower but not when I have too much going on”

So I am doing it for him and others just not very good with myself! I know I have willpower but not when I have too much going on

This is something I get a lot from ladies I work with on our Body Transformation Programme.

Preparing healthy food and getting the kids and family sorted.

But forgetting NUMBER ONE.. Especially with balancing your work, meeting friends, working extra hours, emails etc..

You do the best you can. Make ‘healthy’ choices…

But I get it’s difficult. You have people relying on YOU. And you put a lot of pressure on yourself to do this. After all, if you don’t do it, it doesn’t get done, right?

I mean, it doesn’t help that us guys are pretty forgetful creatures, often forgetting to do the little jobs like taking the bins out on your way out and shutting cupboard doors in the kitchen after eating and drinking

^^^ Mrs Fruci will back me up on this

But here’s a few things I want you to consider:

1) If you’re not willing to do the things you need to do to get the results you want, does this mean that you’d just rather stay the same? Feel the same? With your energy? Body? Relationship with food?

And it is OK if you do.

but if you don’t?

Consider that as hard and painful as it may seem sometimes to make healthy changes that you know you should do, how painful is it to stay the same 12 months on from now? 

Still wondering and wishing you’d done something earlier?

After all, the most effective way to do it is to do it…

2) You eat 3 times a day to give your body energy it needs. You shower to clean your body…

yet what do you do to clear your brain? Clean your brain to give it energy? 

After all, the things you DO are based on beliefs that you hold to be true…

If you’re not creating some space in your day, even for 5 minutes….

(Try using an app like Headspace / Insight Timer)

How do you expect think clearly to help you respond to situations rather than REACT, REACT, REACT?

After all, how may times have you said or done something in  a bad mood that you wished you never did? Hours of worrying and stressing? 

Even though ‘what will be, will be” and the stress and worry only grows if you OVERTHINK and attach feelings to it….

As they say:

Overthinking = Underdoing

So, where are you overthinking on something? Attaching feelings to something and making it into a thing? Wasting energy on something that only exists in your head?


The future!!

Sure, it can be scary if you let the gorilla part of your brain take over.

“What if I fail?”

“Can I cope?”

“What if I can’t fit it in?”

But – technically – you’re just hallucinating…

As these things that you say might happen in the future do NOT exist…

​​​​and guess what?

When you’re in this state, the only thing your brain focuses on is why you canNOT do the things you know you need to do…

Which will leave you in the same position as you are now…


PS. Whenever you’re ready, here’s 3 ways I can help you think differently about food. diet, and exercise so you can stop relying on ‘willpower’:

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3- Join Our 8 Week Body and Mind Transformation Challenge:

This month I’m opening up the opportunity to work with us inside of my ladies only coaching and mentoring programme where I’ll take you through strategies toupgrade your mindset and thinking about food, diet and exercise so that you never have to rely on ‘willpower’ again

If you’d like more information about this?

Just reply to this message with “8 Week” as the subject line

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Questions I’ve had this week

So I’ve had a “boat load” (that’s what they say, right?)

of questions about our Fit For Life Body and Mind Transformation Challenge starting at the end of next week…

(Just in time for Christmas)

So I’m going clear some of them up  << email me right now if you have a question, by the way

1: “Do I have to live near you or travel?”

Nope. It can be done online or in-person depending on what you want. The result is the same. Ladies from all over the world have been on the programme…

You’ll be given lifetime access to our Shift Members Portal which is jam packed with trainings to inspire and educate you so that you know exactly WHY you eat the way you do AND what to do about it so that you feel like you’re in control of food, drink and exercise

2: “What diet do you use?”

It’s personalised for YOU. I’ll put together a PERSONALISED, bespoke nutrition program (with your input) based on YOUR preferences so that you can actually stick to it AND enjoy eating foods you love (which makes getting in shape and back into your favourite clothes much more simple)

3: “What does it cover?”

well essentialy… we set about making DRASTIC improvements across the 3 key areas that will help you to take back control of your eating habits and lifestyle.

Focus (your mindset and fun stuff to make you feel great)
Fitness (your energy levels, your body shape, how you fit your clothes and your health)
Food (your fat loss, healthy ageing, and positive relationship with food)

we create a plan together, then you execute said plan, with me (and awesome like-minded ladies) in your corner… making sure you do it (in the nicest possible way haha)

4: “will it take loads of time to do?”

You’ll get ​​simple 8 minute video workouts that you do anywhere, anytime (with no equipment)..

You can also get access to 3 sessions per week with me…​​

I’ll put your fitness and food plan together for you (with your input) and then you’ll need to report back to me every week so you can see what you need to do next to get better results and progress

(Imagine where you’ll be if you just got 1% better each day….)

But yes, you will have to make some changes. But you want to change, right?

5: “I know what to do already, will it work for me”

I think everyone knows what to do. In fact, if you did what you already know, you’d probably get great results…

Information does NOT equal transformation (Unfortunately)…

So, you’ll be given FREE lifetime access to our all of your training and nutrition programs so that you can maintain the results you’ll achieve working with me

I’ll also show you how to TRANSFORM your mindset so that you stop relying on willpower and keep going even when you don’t feel motivated with some very simple tools, techniques and strategies

6: “How do I start?”

It starts with a free trial where we’ll have a private 1-1 meeting.  We’ll work on putting a plan together that suits not only suits your lifestyle but also helps to overcome any obstacles and challenges that have stopped you getting the results you wanted in the past.


Just email me back with the subject line or message of “8 Week” so i can reply to you straight away

Matt ‘ready?’ Fruci

PS- One last one

“Does it work?” >>>>

well, I’m always collecting more data, but it’s based on the principles that the ladies have used here:

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8 Ways To Trick Yourself Slim

“I can’t imagine you doing that.”

^^ was the response I got from a member using my Tone Up System the other day when I mentioned that I get a bit irritable at the smallest things (like when Mrs Fruci moves the nappies) when I’m tired, hungry or haven’t put me first. 

You see, I’m nothing special or any different. I struggle to have the willpower to floss my teeth twice a day, feel myself getting annoyed in traffic or when cars are trying to park in Marlborough high street, and I’m a sucker for anything with peanut butter in it (once I pop...I literally pop!!)


I’ve found 8 SIMPLE little hacks that help to make life easier, so I can make less decisions, free up some willpower and enjoy more “me” time:

1* Keep floss by your toothbrush to show you the power of your environment and HABITs (which will dictate what you do on autopilot and help you make better informed more intelligent decisions…)

2* Only keep a fruit bowl out on the side (if anything).

3* Fill your petrol up when it’s 1/2 or 3/4 full as when it’s nearly empty you’re nearly ALWAYS in a rush.

4* Do your shopping AFTER you’ve eaten. Do your weekend shop and perhaps structure in an online shop for, say, Thursday when you are running low?

5* If you’re stressed and feel like you need a minute to yourself, go drive through the Marlborough high street or go on M4 in rush hour and take a minute (or 30) to breathe and relax. 4 seconds breath in, 6 out…

6* If you’re stuck in traffic, you have two choices. STRESS and be annoyed at the traffic, waste a load of energy that could be spent on you and your family OR use it to listen to some good music. After all, you are still going to get to where you need to go at the same time either way

7* If you feel like you need your 4th coffee of the day? Move. Go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Park your car furthest away in the car park at the very least.

8* If you’re wondering if you’re hungry and find yourself looking at the crisps and chocolate with your hand in them, wondering what you are doing? Go send a really nice message to someone who maybe you haven’t spoken to for a while.. OR put £10 in a loved ones savings account..

That’s all I’ve got for you...

Because despite what they tell about 'bad' foods, carbs, superfoods, and avocado on toast , this toning up game doesn't have to be so complicated...

Which is why I created my simplified Tone Up System in the first place...

Matt '1 > 0' Fruci
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently And Get Their Bodies Back for Good

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Why your (my) “bad” habit might not be so “bad”

Why Your (my) "Bad" Habit Might Not Be So "Bad"

If I'm not talking about curry...I'm talking about coffee. 

  • It's social
  • Increases your mental and physical performance
  • Tastes good
  • And means you can "justify" a break from work...

​A new client recently said they're going to give up coffee for Lent. 

​Surprised - given his on-the-go, always moving lifestyle...and love for coffee - I asked him why?

​"errrm, I read it's full of sugar"

Now coffee alone contains NO SUGAR...​

​It was triggered by an article in the Daily Mail...highlighting the teaspoons of sugar in coffees like lattes and cappuccinos. 

Yes Lattes contain sugar...but it's because MILK contains SUGAR.

A standard Grande Latte at Starbucks ... with foam on top... has 17g of sugar. That's actually less sugar than the equivalent (470ml) amount in just milk....which has about 22g of sugar in...

You get the point...

Now having coffee after coffee all day may:​

  • Make you less sensitive to caffeine meaning you need more to feel it's effects
  • Decrease your sleep quality resulting in poor recovery and low energy levels
  • Mean you become out of touch with your own energy levels...relying on coffee after coffee to get you through the day

​The Solution?

  • Cut out caffeinated coffee after 6pm to avoid it interrupting your sleep..unless you're training late - I'll let you off!
  • Try to stick to a max. of 2-3 caffeinated coffees per day with 1-2 cups coming before you exercise to increase performance, help build more muscle and burn more calories
  • Get a good decaffeinated blend to get your coffee fix at other times

Recent research has shown that 2 large cups of coffee can give you an increase in exercise performance by nearly 5%...(Hodgson et al 2013)

^^^^ Is this a lot?

Well, if Usain Bolt would have lost 5 % of his performance in the 2012 Olympics...he would have been a nobody...strolling across the finish line in 7th...

So imagine what this 5% could do for your performance? Your fat loss? Your muscle gain? Your goal to fit back into those fitted jeans and feel confident about your body on your summer holiday?​

​And I'm not done yet...

Coffee and tea consumption (both caffeinated and decaffeinated) was associated with a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes...​(Huxley et al 2009).

Take Home​

​You don't need to give up your "favourite" drinks or foods. Structure them in to your daily / weekly food intake - just like my clients do - and you too can lose your gut and be ready for your summer holiday!

That "bad" habit of ours isn't too bad after all...​

Speak soon,


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3 Mistakes Guys Make When Trying to Lose Fat and Get Lean…

3 Mistakes Guys Make When Trying To Lose Fat and Get Lean


1. You expect yourself to eat the same diet as the model on the front the cover of a fitness mag

We often trip up by copying the exact diets that lean guys on the front of magazines are doing.

The problem?

Well, most of us don’t have the genetics of these guys. We also don’t get paid millions of pounds to get in shape for the latest movie. I too would even eat chicken and broccoli 18 times a day for a million quid and a lead role in “300”.

But in reality this stuff isn’t sustainable or practical for your lifestyle. 

And this can lead to yoyo dieting. We feel guilt when we stray off of this plan and binge eat on so-called “bad” food (whatever that means). We then feel depressed. Disappointed with ourselves for "not having the willpower".

​When in fact, it's not always willpower. It's not always you. More often than not, it's the fact you're following a cookie-cutter programme that's NOT made for you.


Take on board what fitness models do by all means. But remember that this “plan” is a plan for them and their lifestyle. Not you. Experiment with your body. Start tracking how much you eat. You can know how much you need to eat using the FREE Lean For Life Starter Kit that you can download by clicking here.

2. You’re taking diet advice from your Mrs

Now, I know it can be difficult to argue with the “boss”. But, if they come home raving about the latest "magic" shake diet, that will help you lose “weight” because it worked for her friends Tracy, Jane, and Maggie…it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.

^^^^ read that again and let this sink in.

Tracy, Jane and Maggie are women. They just want to lose some weight, drop a dress size, and get a flatter stomach.

You’re after a bit more. Perhaps you want to fill out your T shirt with some muscle or feel more confident with your top off this summer. In that case, you need to maintain as much MUSCLE as possible when losing fat.

This means you probably need to eat more than your Mrs and her friends. It’s all well and good losing 10 lbs in 3 days…but you’ve probably just lost a shed load of water. There’s better ways of doing this that will allow to burn fat quickly and actually keep it off. Ways that will keep your metabolism up and maintain muscle mass. This will help you maintain your lean body long after your diet. 


Split up with the “boss”...Just kidding.

Make sure you follow a plan that is designed for you. Find out how much you need to eat to lose fat. It’s not just about the number on the scales. Progress pictures are key, as how you're trousers, jeans, suits, and T shirts fit. Just don’t blame me when you’re trousers are hanging off and your shirts are too tight around the arms…

3. You think you can eat like you did when you captained your school football team

Things have changed. You no longer have time to play multiple sports... everyday, go to the gym...everyday, get out for a run...everyday. Family, friends, kids, work etc. all take more of your time.

I know, I know, you’re only as old as you feel. And that’s all great.

But the reality in terms of how much time you have to exercise has changed. You sit more than you used to, you’re not moving as much and you’re not burning as many calories. We often blame our "slow" metabolisms. In reality, you have to consider your lifestyle.

We have more stressors to manage in our life. We need a plan that fits our lifestyle. If we can manage 2 sessions per week that’s great. 3 sessions per week? Even better. 4? Awesome. 5? Hero. Better yourself and progress. Know where you are now and where you want to be. 


As Yoda once said, “you must unlearn what you have learnt”. Start again. Use the Lean for Life Starter Kit to get going if you need help setting up your fat loss diet. You need to start somewhere. Remember, to be your own ongoing experiment.

Take Home

These solutions are all well and good. But in reality, they mean nothing if we don’t apply them and CHANGE what we are doing right now. If you're not assessing how do you know what's working? If you don't know what's working, why are you even doing what you're doing?

Speak soon,


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