”such a long way to go”

Struggle to celebrate the ‘wins’ as ‘there is still so much to do’ and ‘such a long way to go”  😏

I get it.

When we talk about this at Fruci Fit – Personal Training, it’s easy to assume that I find this easy..

But some days

I too struggle to find ‘wins’..

But like anything..

the more you do it?

The more you LOOK for the wins, the easier they are to find.

Energy flows where your attention goes.

So if you keep focussing on the setbacks.

keep saying “I can’t find any wins”

Guess what?

Your brain will look for setbacks and won’t bother looking for wins.


Because it means your are ‘right’.

“I said I can’t find wins and I can’t”

and you get a little short dopamine hit from that.

It’s probably quite addictive, after all we all like being me (even me).

I could be wrong here

but when you look back at transformational moments.

achievements in your life

or even setbacks.

There are often a string of events, positive or negative that contributed..

The training sessions you do when you don’t feel like it..

The walk in the rain when you can’t really be bothered (me at the weekend with the kids but felt so much better after and they loved it too)

the phone call you made..

the person you bumped into when nipping to the shop..

the job you applied for even though the closing date was 2 weeks ago and you didn’t meet the criteria…

Stopping at 3 biscuits instead of 10..

having a glass of water before your hot drinks today..

Going to bed 20 minutes earlier rather than scrolling and getting up with more energy..

stopping at 2 drinks rather than finishing the bottle.

These are all wins..

and the more you look at them as wins?

The better you will feel.

the more confidence you will have.

After all, we grow up as babies / kids seeking validation for our behaviour 

be it ‘passing exams’

avoiding ‘red cards’ or the chokey (as they call it in Matilda)..

but it is only when older that we need to take responsibility 

and look for them ourselves

or our innate wiring will probably takeover

and our energy will spent on things that are not ‘right’ in our eyes..

Here are some of my wins from the other day:

1) walk with the kids in the rain

2) did pull ups inbetween playing with the kids, drawing and following ‘how to draw a slide’ on youtube when they asked me to draw a slide. I cannot draw but wow, when you follow youtube, you can sure learn..

3) Finished the January Newsletter going out in the post to all Fruci Fit clients to kickstart their results 

No matter how big or small, what are your most significant wins today?

Here are some of the awesome Fruci Fit ladies this week (see image)


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