Struggling with snacking habits?

Got this message from Rebecca last week (see image)

And we get people saying that they see Fruci Fit posts a lot 

Always wonder what it is about

But it takes them a while to take that first step.

We totally get that.

It’s why I share so much information for FREE.

Be it on our Fruci Fit podcast on iTunes and Spotify 

Our YouTube channel

And of course on Instagram @frucifit and on Facebook

After all, 

The goal is to help you move from A to B

With your relationship with food

With your confidence to exercise.


Well, we know how much can improve the quality of your life

(not to mention those around you)

And even if this message today helps ONE person, we are happy.

Of course, if you then want to work with us

Get more accountability 

To do the things you know you need to do?

Then this is where our Kickstart comes in (reply with Kickstart and we will get you more information on our 28 Day Kickstart)

But for now?

I recently did a training all about snacking, 

Where I cover the best things to snack on.

If you’d like to see it?

Message me with ‘snacking’ and I will get you the details


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