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‘Struggling to get motivated’..Try this

I have been setting a the goal of getting in bed by 10pm since lockdown started pretty much..

And it got to the stage where:

  1. I kept failing and getting annoyed at myself 
  2. I was feeling tired and grouchy the next day 
  3. I would say ‘when things are normal, it’ll be easier”

And it got me thinking..

By waiting until ‘things are normal’ <<< whatever the new normal looks like

I am essentially saying

That my health can wait…

The one thing that without?

I actually have nothing..

Anyway, more on sleep soon as I want to delve into more detail with you on this as I have tips that might help you …

For now, though…

I’ll be honest, there have been days where I’ve been less motivated than others…

You know what makes this worse?

Your thoughts about them…

“Why am I not more motivated?”

“Why am I so tired?”

^^^ This is where in my head I say ‘errrrr Matt, you stayed up late last night, you are tired. What would you say to your best friend who came to you feeling tired?

Because you know what?

These thoughts are actually OK…

And aren’t the problem..

The problem is simply our thoughts about them…

After all, setbacks and disappointments along the way

Are actually a sign you are trying..

Any ‘change’ is hard…

Now, here’s a few things to consider:

  1. Maybe you set a goal that was too big there’s only so many times you can set a goal and fail before you:
  1. Lose faith in yourself
  2. Get annoyed and frustrated
  3. Lose faith in the whole process
  1. You plan your holidays, family life, Zoom meetings, and work stuff…yet we have an issue with planning stuff related to our fitness and nutrition..


Set a goal, no matter how small, and get specific:

After all, we crave certainty.

Hence why the differing advice around the UK is causing some confusion …

So why not get specific with your nutrition / snacking habits/ and exercise?

The research shows the implementation intention is key…

Try this if you’re struggling with the motivation to exercise:

“Today, I will exercise for [insert minutes/ what you will do] by doing [insert exercise]”

“the benefits of exercise are: [insert here]” 

^^^this will only work if you write this down 

Try this if you’re struggling with snacking”

“Today, I will snack on [insert food / snacks you want to have] 

“the benefits of snacking are: [insert benefits]

The drawbacks of snacking are: [insert drawbacks]..

Because sometimes we just need a little ‘nudge’ in the right direction…

Like I do right now with sleep..

I have done a benefits cards..

Listing the benefits of getting to sleep by 1015am <<< I changed the goal to make it more realistic and it means I am more likely to hit it rather than say ‘10pm’ then get to 1015 and think ‘oh well, may as well just have a late one’…

The benefits card includes all of the benefits that HAPPEN IN MY LIFE from doing what I know I need to do with sleep:

  • More energy 
  • Less hunger
  • Less grouchy
  • Happier to be around
  • More fun with the kids
  • More productive so I can spend more time with the family
  • I am better at coaching and helping our awesome members
  • More motivation to exercise and eat well
  • More credibility when helping the ladies work through their habit changes
  • More patience with kids
  • I WANT to do more
  • I am excited
  • The NEWS does NOT impact me so much and I have a much more positive outlook 

And these all impact what I do 

And the results I get

You see, one of the ladies (Hannah) said the other day that it took the whole workout on Wednesday morning for her to feel motivated again..

Isn’t it crazy that we think that we need motivation to exercise when in fact…

It’s the DOING that causes the motivation…

No matter how small..

So get specific today

And just start…

You’ll be surprised where you might end up…

Like one of the ladies mentioned this week about lose 4 cm from her waist this month…

Think where she’ll be in a year…

Matt ‘start small, think big’ Fruci