Strong winds (how to stop feeling bloated 💨)

Wow! those winds were strong the other day💨

Unfortunately,  I’m not talking about the weather. 

You see, when I’m walking past the market in Marlborough, I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a olive or 3.

Especially when the guy at the market stall hands me some tasters of feta and garlics, too.

It also didn’t help that I was hungry at the time (note to self..don’t go strolling hungry)

Before I knew it, I had a bowl of my favourite garlic olives and pickled chilli garlic.

“good for the heart”, the guy at the market stall said.

But like anything, the devil is in the dose.

You see, if you believe the media, you’ll see that a nutrient in garlic has been shown to reduce cholesterol…

But why they don’t tell you is that when you look at the research, you’d have to eat 28 cloves of garlic a day 😂

And speaking 28 cloves of garlic, I didn’t quite have that much on Saturday, but I sure did feel it 💨

You see, i can get some pretty bad IBS, flatulence and bloating. So why I thought this was a good idea, I don’t know.

And this is something that I’m talking about during the nutrition course I’m taking at Marlborough College Summer School this week.

Raw onion, garlic, beans, lentils, raw veg, and fibrous carbs can be triggers.

And I know this seem to be the opposite to what they tell you to do (eat wholegrains, brown foods, low fat etc…)

If you struggle with IBS, bloating, constant wind, focusing on foods that don’t ferment so much 💨 may help reduce symptoms.

So, that means proteins, like meats, eggs, yoghurt, fish, Quorn etc. As they don’t ferment.

Fats, like nuts, avocado etc.

And as for carbs? A lower than your usual carb diet may be helpful. That said, when you go for carbs, go for thing like white rice, jasmine rice, white bread rather than the wholegrains…

Do you suffer from bloating, wind or flatulence? Have you tried anything to help?

Matt “windy” Fruci
Helping Busy Ladies Embrace Life’s Whirlwind Of Emotions, Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back

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