Starts Monday

If you’ve been involved before you will know this is unlike any other 5 Day Challenge out there –

Many of the women who’ve been through this before will do it again and again..

In fact, many are on the Fruci Fit programme, and will be doing it to get that ‘kick up the bum’…

and if you haven’t done it before?

you are in for a TREAT!

My new and improved 5 Day Kickstart is about more than just kickstarting your health and fitness habits and thinking differently. It’s about being part of something. 

It’s about mindset and energy and those lightbulb moments where you feel the shift in how you feel FAST.

After all, how you feel impacts what you DO…

It works.

It can work for you too.

All we ask?

you meet us halfway and show up…

Sign up for free here


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