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So last week I got a few messages from the ladies inside our Fit For Life Programme:

“Felt really tired this morning! We have been so busy and had visitors all over Christmas but I thought ‘I’m awake, I’m dressed just get to Marlborough’ so great to get back into a class. 

Park Run was hard but Sue and Debbie were great and cheered me in at the end as they were some minutes in front of me.


First time I have done one without stopping or walking ”

Well done, Caroline.

And when I talk about our community and the support from the ladies that we have…

I don’t just mean like-minded ladies together In a room..

This is so much more than that.




And – of course – a lot of fun ☺

And I get it can still seem ‘scary’ 

Especially if you are worried about any joint issues, / injuries that make you question whether you can do this.

And I think Vanessa summed this up perfectly:

“what a crock I was. Suffering with constant pain in hips, back, neck and weak wrists all resulting in me thinking it wasnt going to be worth it, as I wouldn’t be able to do much. But low and behold, still here and out of constant pain. Joints and muscles so much stronger. 

Something that just hits you one day, as the first few months I constantly moaned and groaned and listened and learned and gained in confidence to keep going. The ,”you versus you” “your own pace” ‘aim to be 1%better each day” or even week in my case were the most inspiring and energising statements you fed us especially in the beginning. . 

Today although of course I still moan and groan a bit, but not due to pain or discomfort but the 4. 45am early rising to get to class by 6am😁

but very rarely now with pain. Having you Matt, metaphorically speaking on my shoulder has certainly helped with the decision making I do around food. 

I am by far not perfect but when I really try, like planning and preparing my meals in advance, writing down what I eat, and including more protein to my diet at each meal, I feel so good and In control. 

So here’s to 2020 where I continue to work on the small changes. Oh boy they are small but I must say have been effective. Thanks Matt for checking in on me, your never ending interest In me progressing and not giving up on me especially when I have. 

Happy New year👍


The crazy part

These are just a few of the 91 amazing reviews from like-minded ladies on Google and Facebook…

Who just started DOING

(as you only know if you do, right? That goes for anything)

And funnily enough…started seeing RESULTS.


Our 4-Week Kickstart Programme specifically for ladies over 40 in Marlborough, Devizes or Burbage starts from tomorrow 

(Flexible start date w/c 4th Jan and w/c 11th Jan)

Who know what to do 

But need that motivation and accountability to do the things they know they need to do (just like Caroline mentioned)

To get that clarity and direction

Of having a step by step, day by day plan

That fits your lifestyle (like Vanessa did with her pain)

Want more details?

Just message me with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’ and I’ll get you the details.

(applications close Friday 10th or when 5 spaces are gone)

Matt ‘half assed is better than no assed’ Fruci