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So I got this message last week from Mary

“I have been reading your emails for a while now,  I have not contributed in any way, you are a little too far from me to attend easily.

Your emails though are inspiring and encouraging I wanted to take a moment to let you know that.

I hope your generosity of knowledge and of encouragement repays itself to you and your family.”

Of which I added to my 3 wins from the day (I start each day writing down 3 things that went well the day before to start my day off on a positive note)

But this just prompted me to perhaps remind you of the possible ways we can help you (even for free):

1 – if you haven’t already, you can grab a FREE copy of my book: Shift, which goes over the 6 principles we use inside out 4-Week Kickstart Programme 

Go here to get it >>> 

If you want a hard copy? You can grab it from Amazon  (you just have to cover shipping and handling) 

2- I’ve put together over 80 daily, short, impactful podcasts to inspire and motivate you on doing the things you know you need to do..

ALL for free…

These include interviews with research doctors in fatigue, compounds found in vegetables and fruits, healthy ageing and heart disease, AND gut health (including an interview with Dietitian Mike Sweeney, who’s helped 1000s of people in clinics overcome IBS and bloating)

if you have an iphone:

If you have an Android:

3- My brand new book is now out on Amazon (pretty much cover the printing, shipping and handling and I can send it over) which gives you a small habit to add in each week so you can overcome the overwhelm of all this nutrition and fitness stuff.

Here is the link 

And if you’re the type of person who needs more accountability and support to help you do the things that you probably know you need to do..

A one to one coach to help motivate them…and keep them on track over 4 weeks…

And have clarity with a step by step, day by day plan…

Then our 4-Week Kickstart Programme in Marlborough and Devizes for ladies 40+

Might be for you…

If you want more details?

Just reply with ‘Marlborough’ or Devizes’

And I’ll get you the relevant details.

We start from next week..

And are taking on 8 ladies for this. 

Matt ‘kickstart’ Fruci