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So I got this message from Laura last week:

“been waiting to see nurse before messaging you and saw her last night 🙂 

I’m just so happy because 2.5weeks ago she was threatening on putting me on medication 

but I persuaded her to let me come and see her after holidays, and making right food choices whilst away lost 2lb 👊 

you were in my head 😂

Well done, Laura…

So how did Laura do it?

Here’s what else she said:

“I started in January on 3F’s (this is our Food, Fitness and Focus Accountability Manual)

 am now a stone lighter, dropped 2 sizes and although diagnosed with type 2 diabetes again after 5 years in normal range at the end of April I stepped my game up and went very low carb as was trying to not go on medication as reading levels start of May was 9-12 most days. 

In the last week they have dropped to 6.6-7.6 and they are happy for me NOT to go on medication and lost another 4.5 lbs in last 3 weeks😊 

Thank you so much for your Instagram fb messages of daily positivity it has kept me going when I’ve wanted to reach for something else”

Go Laura!!

Breaking down mammoth, overwhelming goals into daily, DOABLE tasks

In the areas of Food, Fitness and Focus..

So, I guess I should probably go into them a bit more:

FOOD – at the end of the day, it’s energy in vs energy out…how you do this? Depends on your lifestyle..

That’s why we make this daily habit personal to you

Whether it’s a lower carb, veggie, vegan, higher carb, low fat, high fat, high protein flexible meal plan


Simply writing down what you eat and reporting back to me so I can help you overcome obstacles

And – most importantly – keep going when you’d normally given up…

The most important thing to remember?

The best diet in the world is the one you will do…

FITNESS – I won’t bore you with benefits of exercise…

All I will say is how you FEEL will impact what you DO and what you DO will impact your results.

One of the easiest ways to feel better?

Make everyday tasks easier, meet new people, delegate decisions on what’s the best and safest exercise to do 

(even if you have knee, hip or joint issues)

FOCUS – I’d honestly say this is probably the important part..

Simply because if you feel

Like 💩

You may drop back in to doing deep rooted habits that your body has learned to combat stress..

It may have been that in the past

You had some bad news…

Maybe grief, lost a job, family issues…

And wine / chocolate / cakes / biscuits / crisps/ food in general

Just made you feel better THAT DAY..

Problem with this?

Your body remembers this

And every time you repeat it?

You strengthen this pathway in your brain

Making it ‘feel’ like a craving..

So what’s the quickest way to disrupt this?

Make a list of 5 things that make you feel happy (and I mean ‘really’ happy, not just happy for a split second)

Here’s 5 of mine:

1 . Make my daughters laugh

2  . go for a dog walk

3  . Watch comedy

4  . time with family / date night with Mrs Fruci (off to Rick Steins soo, actually…baby free, of course)

5 . drink a coffee and DO NOTHING. Just breathe

Then when you feel low?

Try one!

I can’t say it will definitely work for you

I have no idea about your exact situation..

That’s why I believe everything has to be personalised to you

So that – just like Laura – you can find what works for you.

And that’s what we do in our kickstart one to one coaching session inside the 4-Week Kickstart Programme

Which is starting again next week Monday 3rd June.

We only have 6 spaces left for our Marlborough and Burbage Programmes

For more info?

Just comment below or message me with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details

Matt ‘coffee makes me happy’ Fruci