“Shall we go?”

The thought of getting changed…

Getting cold…

Doing that initial dunk in to keep warm..

“Shall we go?”

I said

Referring to taking the kids swimming. 

Sounds and feels bad just saying this.

But my observation from this?

All my thoughts were on the downside of going swimming…

The cold

The getting changed

The paying for it..

Packing my bag

Making sure I don’t forget one of the kids goggles (guilty)…

Isn’t it interesting that none of my thoughts were on:

Playing monsters in the pool

Throwing my kids up and down

The laughter

The feeling after when you are changed and feel warm and energised..

The feeling when you know the kids don’t need a bath later 🙂 

The hour of exercise I have just had…

I could go on.

It was a habit for me to focus on the negative.

Rather than fully be conscious, reflect and – to be honest – try hard to actually think about the benefits.

It is something we talk about in our Kickstart…

Sure, we go into the nutrition 

From carbs 

To protein

To fat

To comfort eating..

But our mindset about food?

Our expectations?

Our habits?

Are usually the things that = transformation

Rather than just cutting white rice because it spikes insulin 😉

We open the group tomorrow ready for the start of the 5 Day kickstart beginning on Monday.

If you have not yet registered, go here:


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