Self sabotage? Ask these 4 questions 

So yesterday I spoke about my goals and New Years Resolution   

Today, I want to share my 4 simple questions to help you overcome self sabotage. 

Something that might stop you hitting your New Year’s Resolution. 

You see, we talk about self sabotage like it’s a thing separate to us.

But what if self sabotage was actually the result of you perceiving the benefits of self sabotage as more rewarding than not?

Hear me out. 

If you’re with me now, grab a pen and paper and let’s work through these questions together.

I’ll say now that most people won’t do this.

And if you struggle with self sabotage

Then I’ll say that unless you get a handle on your habits, then you’ll always fall to your lowest level of training when stress comes.

We can do all of the keto, fasting, and shake diets we like..

But if our habits and relationship with food isn’t in place?

We will always go back to our lowest level of training.

Anyway, now for the questions:

1) What is the behaviour that is stopping 

you from closing the gap between where 

you are now and where you want to be?

2) What are the benefits of doing that 


(Example: If the behaviour is 

eating chocolate, maybe (a) you get some 

comfort, (b) you have finished work, or 

(c) it’s quick and easy.

If this behaviour is smoking, consider that the benefits may be that it calms you down, forces you to take a break etc)

^^ note down the benefits 

3) What are the costs of this behaviour? 

(Examples: your integrity, feeling rubbish 

about yourself, not getting results, monetary costs of binge eating, costs to the climate in food waste by eating more (as one of the ladies mentioned last week as her “why”).

4) What might happen if you don’t get a 

handle on this? Health? Family time? 

Everyday tasks? Happiness?

And a bonus one:

5) What would make you most satisfied?

No judgement.

Just make the choice that gives you the most satisfaction.

Only you can decide whether short term gratification or long term happiness and fulfilment is more satisfying .

Have a Happy New Year’s Eve!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be in bed by 9pm 😂 

Oh and if you want to wake up in 2023 knowing that you have something in place to help you kickstart your health and fitness 

And think differently so you can overcome self sabotage. 

Go here:


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