Scared to do it?

“Can we go on the slide?”

My 6 year old asks me

Pointing towards this big half pipe water slide.

I wasn’t quite prepared for it.

So we went over to check the height. 

And I could already see she was slightly too small. 

She went up to the man. 

Who held up his pole to check her height. 

Waited a few long seconds, as my daughter looked at me.

The man looked towards the woman at the top of the slide, making an inch sign with his hands, indicating she is slightly too small but should be ok haha

So off we went up the stairs to the top.

We had a double dingy. 

So we got in . I was in the back, my daughter in the front. I wrapped my legs around her body (just in case she went flying out on the way down…

And wow…

As we went down, I could feel the butterflies…

With no emotion on her face, I couldn’t quite see if my daughter enjoyed it haha

But the first thing she said:

“Can we go on it again?”

“That was quite scary at the start”

To which I replied:

“If it wasn’t scary, you would think it was boring. And we probably wouldn’t go on it again. So you could say it HAS to be scary or you wouldn’t want to do it”

And I could see her as queued on the stairs to go again, slightly nervous.

Saying “It was quite scary at the start”

To which she then said

“But it has to be scary or its boring”

Haha ‘it worked” i thought.

And off we went. 

To which she concluded. 

‘It is just scary at the start” 

And how much is that true for so many things in life?

In fact, most of the women who start our Kickstart feel the same.

But once they get through that inital hurdle.

The knowing where to go

What to do

The correct technique 

Starting to feel more energy

Building your confidence 

It becomes less scary 

And dare I say it?

You start to enjoy it 🙂 

Like Sarah said (see image)


Our Summer Kickstart programme is starting soon

Message me with ‘Summer’ and I can get you the details.

Specifically for women 40+ who pretty much know what to do but need the plan and accountability to do it.

Matt ‘Scary?’ Fruci

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