Scared of Christmas weight gain?

Over the Christmas period you will

On certain days / occasionally gain some weight. 

And we have all been there.

Stepping on the scales after a few meals out

(like our Fruci Fit meals out…) 

We gained a few lbs…

Hit the panic button…

It is not working…

F it.

I will start in January …

You go into this space

Where you think you are back to square one. 

“I’ve undone the past few months..”

So you make your diet even stricter tomorrow.

Making it harder to sustain. 

Which can spiral out of control…

As a result?

We tend to fear this time of the year

When we get to spend time with loved ones.

Slow down.

And take a breath. 

I get it though

The health and fitness industry 

Makes you stress about the scales.

But the thing is.

The number on the scales shows much more than just fat / muscle loss / gain. 

Have a bit more veg?

You may weigh more. Fibre hangs around in our gut for longer. 

Drink a pint of water?

You might gain a lb..(this is not fat)

Weigh yourself after dinner you might weigh 2-3lbs more. 

After your morning routine, you could be a few lbs lighter 💩

Not to mention, alcohol which dehydrates us..

So can you really rely on the scales here?

Well, you kind of can yes. 

But only if you look at averages over time e.g. weigh daily, take the average over the week, then you can compare your average weight week on week.

Consider that to put on 1lb of fat

You need to eat an extra 3500 calories. 

So let’s say you eat out.

Like at our Fruci Fit Christmas meal out where I had starter, lasagna main and a nice dessert…

That could be 1500 calories more than normal.

Now my weight might go up suddenly..

But say I am on average losing 1lb a week, I will now only lose 1/2lb a week. 

IF, I just carry on as normal and take the average. 

Sure, you might feel stressed after the meal out.

The weight has gone up.


The secret?

Just get back on plan.

Every day is Day 1.

It’ll be back to normal in a week.

It is the trend that counts

Trust the process.


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