saw this quote the other day and had to share it from James Clear

It reiterates what we say in our Kickstart 

And something we will be going over in our 21 Day Pre Christmas Habit Challenge which starts Monday 28th November 

(Reply with “Christmas” and I’ll get you the details)

Which is putting your attention on the little wins and milestone 

On your journey. 

It’s so easy to forget these.

(I do it too) 

So focussed on how far we have to go

It’s like climbing a mountain. 

Being so focused on how far we have to go 

We never look back 

To enjoy the view 

And see how far we’ve come.

Which is why we focus on the most significant wins each week

No matter how big or small. 

Like these here 

After all.

Energy flows where your attention goes 


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