Perfectionist? Try this

“But I’m a perfectionist” 

“But I’m an all or nothing person”

^^ ever said that ?

I get it.

And comes up a lot.

So today I wanted to give on simple tip…

Take the “But”…

And add it on the end

“But I’m a perfectionist and I couldn’t get more normal workouts in 


^^ read that again 

But I did my best by 

👉 getting my steps up instead of my usual workout in the morning (as I did last weekend when away as I had no pull up bar)

👉 focussing on protein and fibre at other meal times to compensate for a meal out 

👉 choosing which social events I will drink at

And sure

It’s not perfect.

And not easy

But it’s sure faster than waiting until January 

Especially when you relate it to your WHY

As we do inside our Kickstart…

👉 because I need to drop fat to get this operation 

👉 because I need to lose weight for IVF

👉 because I want to improve my mobility to get up and down from the floor with the kids (and keep up with them)

I could go on 

(As you know)

And I explain more in this video here: 


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