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People pleasing???

People pleasing?

What’s the cost of people pleasing?

It comes a lot…

Others getting in the way..

Making us too busy..

Bringing biscuits and chocolates in the house…

Leaving leftovers..

Whether it is Winter

Or Summer..

And one of the ladies brought this up in a chat we were having last week:

“it’s not the meals I struggle with, it’s the amount of food laying around and the social events”

I get it…

Here’s something you can take away and apply today.

So, quick question to carry around with you today before you make a decision.

You know, the micro choices you make every, single day:

Is this choice you are making for you or are you trying to people please?

My challenge to you is to put yourself first and to make the choice YOU want to make.

What is the point of pleasing others and helping others be fulfilled if you are never happy and fulfilled yourself? 

Sometimes we ditch our own aspirations because someone else says something.

If I decide not to drink / eat pasta / gluten, of course I get comments from family and friends, but it does not align with my vision of what I want to do with my life.

Imagine doing things I don’t want to do to please others just to end up with me being further away from where I want to be?