Only 1lb a week?

How fast should you lose weight?

“The scales are not moving, I only lost 1lb and someone said I should be losing quicker”

^^^ this is one conversation I had with someone 

Now, stop right there 

Because what someone else thinks or does 

Should not change the fact that they are over 5 lbs down

And on average- on course for nearly 4 stone of weight loss in a year (3 ¾ stone to be precise if they lose 1lb a week)…

^^ read that again 

So how fast should you lose weight?

If you lose 1lb a week..

That’s averaging 52lbs a year…

^^^ most people underestimate how much they can achieve in a year and overestimate how much they can achieve in a week…

But how fast should you lose it?

Well, it depends.

On the ‘pain’ someone is in due to their weight / fitness / mobility issues which they know will be improved by losing weight (which can be motivating)

How much time you have..

And ultimately…what you are willing to do..

Not just for you.

As it is not just about you.

But also the people around you.

Who else benefits if you get a handle on this?

Who else suffers if you don’t?

And this isn’t really talking about ‘weight’..

But mood, confidence, energy, health…

That was a bit of a tangent, right?

But I only share that as I know so many people can be so much more.

And at the same time…

I know that because if the stress of life and how much others rely on us

Maybe we can’t commit as much as we like.

And this is where I bang the drum of 

Something is better than nothing…

Because you might think that the “one workout” you did this week wasn’t enough 

Or that the binge you had last night means you failed 

But we forget to celebrate the significance of s getting the one workout in despite the busyness of life or lacking motivation 

Or that this week you had one binge compared to 3 binges the week before .

Progress is progress

And sure we can do more 

But setting expectations to do more and actually doing more are two different things

Because what if we decided that losing more than 1lb a week was the right strategy 

So we set some more tasks and ramped up the intensity a bit

But then we couldn’t even stick to it 

And because of this?

Aren’t even losing the 1lb…

All things to consider with this 


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