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Only 13 days to go 😯

I can’t believe it’s only 13 days to go

Until we can open back up our in-person sessions in Our private 

Ladies only studio in Marlborouth and our 

BRAND NEW ladies only studio in Devizes.

For once, there’s actually some positive news…

Whether that’s the vaccine news (whatever you think of that)

Or the recent report from the Global Coalition of Aging who looked at the impact of COVID on our health as we age.

They describe this situation as building “health capital”..

The healthier you are with your nutrition, weight, and fitness…

The better position you are to fight off the virus.

This was echoed by former chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, who said that thousands of death can be prevented from this pandemic  if we tackle obesity.

The good news is that the science is getting out there 

That what we do can have an impact on our health…

And policymakers are listening  .

Even if we go straight to Tier 3

Gyms / private studios line ours can stay open.

And on Monday 23rd November they are even debating in the House of Commons at 430pm

About whether gyms should be an essential service so they can remain open in any future lockdown.

This would bring us in line with countries like Netherlands, who class gyms as essential  even in lockdowns 

And boast some of the lowest obesity rates in Europe..

So lots to get excited about…

Just like this message from Sandra yesterday who joined our kickstart in lockdown:

“Hello everyone, I have been intending to post this all week since my catch up with Matt on Monday.  I have been a member for 4 months. 

I joined with the aim of increasing strength and muscle mass, accepting that 2 limbs are much weaker due to nerve damage. I was well aware that aging with low muscle mass was not a good idea. 

Matt assured me at the outset that all exercises could be adapted to my needs. He was right I have found ways exercising and strengthening my good limbs and continuing to strengthen my abdominal core which I had been working on for years to try and protect my back which is also a huge problem for me.

At 4 month mark, I do feel stronger and by exercising regularly and tweaking my diet a bit , particularly addressing  snacking issues I have definitely changed shape. Lost 5cm on waist, 4cm on hips, ( I did not measure everywhere) 

Although I was not specifically looking for weight loss I have lost 1.7kg which I am happy with.

 Anyone just joining keep going; the support from Fruci Fit staff and all members is immense. Thank you everyone.”

Really positive.

Really inspiring!


Ps. If you’d like more info about our next 28 Day Kickstart for ladies 40+ who want to finish 2020 fitter, more toned and healthier, then reply with “28 Day” and I’ll get you the details.

This can be done from home, with us in our private studio in Marlborough or our brand new private studio in Devizes.