Once I start I can’t stop (part 2)

So yesterday, we talked about the mantra:

“I will give myself permission to finish the rest tomorrow morning if I want it”

For when you feel you can’t stop eating in the evening…

But today we are going to go one step further.

as  much as many try to be helpful with advice (me included) 

Like ‘everything in moderation’

Some foods are simply ‘triggers’ for some people 

So, here are two questions to consider whether to include these foods in your nutrition plan regularly or not:

  1.  If you can have a little bit and your hunger is OK, manageable, then go for it. Include it in your plan..
  1. If you’re struggling to just have a little bit without it triggering what seems like uncontrollable hunger, then you should probably make your life easier by avoiding this where possible 

And on point 2) 

I don’t mean to restrict it forever..

But perhaps have a rule e.g. “I only eat cakes when I go to [insert favourite coffee shop]”

“I only eat biscuits before 5pm “

“I only eat what I take into work”

These are all examples of rules to give you structure and flexibility. 

Of course these have to be personal to you .

And that is why in our one to one kickstart (which we do at the start of our 28 Day Kickstart (reply with ‘Kickstart’ for more info) we have a one to one to put together a starting plan for you). 


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