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Not today?

Not today?

The best part of what I am about to share with you today?

you will be able to apply what I say today without any ingredients, shopping or counting syns, points, calories, greens, reds….

and get dramatic results and EMPOWERMENT..

But only if you do it…


Well, one of the reasons people struggle with motivation and doing the things they know they need to do?

They feel POWERLESS…

We are almost conditioned to think

“there is nothing I can do…”

“It is just the way I am..”

^^ that’s the Gorilla brain talking by the way 😉

So today is a really simple one you can apply to those situations where you cannot say ‘no’…but want to. 

I remember when I would go to my Nonna’s..

If it was for dinner, ‘you don’t like Nonna’s cooking” << after 5 plates haha

If it was just nipping in to say ‘hi’ << “have some pasta” “Or some juice?, “how about a biscuit?”

they mean well, of course.

Food is love. 

But if you always do things to please others at the expense of you, what results are you going to get?

^^^ read that again .

But what I am about to share is not just for when you are offered food and drink that you do not want..

but also for those times when you are in the kitchen

late at night

and that voice is saying:

“one won’t hurt’

“You deserve a treat”

Here’s what I want you to do today:

1) Give yourself permission to have what you like if you truly want to make that choice and it makes you feel better (even tomorrow)

2) “not today” <<< just say ‘not today’. The only thing that exists  is now, so if you are in control now, that is all that matters. You are not saying ‘never’. Just not today. 

I can’t say this will 100% work for you…

But I know it 100% won’t work for you, if you do not try it.

I spoke about this in more detail here:

If you prefer Youtube, watch here:

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