Not the right time?

I could not be a$$3d to be honest..

I got up.

Feeling quite tired after a day of coaching, first aid course, more coaching 

And then had a busy day ahead of me.

And my alarm went off for my own workout..

“I’m tired”

“I need the rest”

“It will be a rubbish workout”

All these thoughts went through my head.

But here is the key part:

Are they true?

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?

So I agreed to do the 3 minute test.

Workout for 3 minutes.

If I then want to stop?

I will give myself permission to STOP..

What happened?

I ended up doing an OK workout.

Not the perfect workout.

But an OK one.

And this is actually the secret.

Taking IMPERFECT action.

An imperfect action TODAY.

Will increase your chances of PERFECT action.

As the more you show up, the more chance you have of succeeding.

That is it..

So what is your imperfect action today?


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