“Not sure I can make the most of it”

“I’m not sure I can make the most of it”

“I’m not sure I can fit it in”

“I’m not sure I will do it or have the motivation”

You know all these reasons?

Are pretty much the same for everyone..

Some decide to start anyway

(getting results like these:)

And others decide for wait for the perfect time…

Some will go on to get results eventually

Others will be in the same position

Or worse

(we often assume doing it tomorrow will be just as easy, forgetting that the longer it goes on the harder it actually gets)

And it is for this reason 

That throughout Fruci Fit

And speaking with 1000s of women (and couples in our couples personal training)

That there is one thing that seems more needed than ever right now

(not sure if it a covid thing or what)

But that is the need to have some flexibility. 

Whether that is the option to come morning, daytime or evening if they need to move something around..

^^ with us keeping you accountable to make sure you DO it of course

Or whether that is the option to do some from home and some in person..;

Because the key thing ?

You get it done

As you only get results for done…

And this is why we don’t just have our in-person Fruci Fit events where we bring our awesome community together of like-minded ladies to have some fun and get fit in the process..

But also do these from home too

With our first of the year tomorrow morning

(perfect if you love a lay in or your cat turned off your alarm to get up in time to make to the early morning session)

We have lower vs higher intensity muscle strengthening and cardio working sessions on the screen at the same time designed to help you work at your pace

^^ as your pace is the right pace 

competitions, prizes,..

I explain more here: https://www.facebook.com/reel/2980833252222915 

Just like we do at our Fruci Fit in person event (on 19th February) 


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