Not got back to it since lockdown?

One of the most common things we see when speaking to people at the moment

Are that they have not really got back to where they were pre lockdown.

The best part?

It is not too late.

And I know that seems like a mile away for some..

But sometimes it is about focussing on what you can do TODAY

It is amazing how quickly this can impact things like

Blood sugar levels

And even how much energy you have for the kids / grandkids

Then it is a case of consistency. 

And who knows where you might be?

This is what we do at Fruci Fit. 

Focus on what you can do TODAY.

As what you do today you are more likely to do tomorrow.

And sure, you might think ‘but then I will have to stick to it”

The secret?

Focus on the NOW..

After all, you might be a different person in the future…

It all comes down to habits.

And like I said, what you do today, you are more likely to do tomorrow.

That monkey on your shoulder might say ‘you won’t stick to it’

But the best part?

You just have to stick to it,

Right now, in this moment

As that is all that exists


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