not enough time?

It’s probably the second most frequent obstacle (only behind “me” which I’ll come on to another day) 

That we hear in our Kickstart one to ones at Fruci Fit.

And that is 

Not having enough time.

I get it. I feel like that too.

A lot, actually . 

I might not show it.

But take the days where I’m working from 5am

School drop off 

Back to working 

School pick up

Back to working 

You might think 

“When do you get the time to do your workout?”

Let alone the energy. 

And it’s true 

It’s challenging but

Firstly, this is a choice I am making on these days .

Secondly, I fit it into my day by habit stacking and lowering my expectations.

And I get that the thought of lowering expectations sounds like we are a “failure”…

But it’s actually vital 

To get away from that all or nothing “F it” mindset we so often hear or experience..

So I fit in little 20-30 second or 1 minute workouts throughout the day.

And it might sound small but I can get 12 of these in a day done sometimes 

Even on my busiest, most stressful day.

To keep it going 

As it’s easier to keep going 

Then starting and stopping 

(Especially if stopping results in F it, start again Monday)…

And it’s why we even do one minute workouts every day..

Not because one minute will directly get all of the results you want.

But because it helps you fit it in.

And we only share things that 

  1. we do ourselves 
  2. Are back by science

Just like Theresa has found (see image)


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