No time to prepare food? Me neither 

This is a bit like

Confessions of a nutritionist…

You see, 

I was chatting to one of the ladies the other day 

Who assumed that  – me – as a nutritionist

As someone who has done postgraduate research into diabetes 

Worked in Public Health and the NHS

Talks everyday about nutrition 

Would always be on point with their food.

And she asked:

“Are baked beans and scrambled eggs ok?”


Here was my response…


spoiler alert…

I just so happened to have baked beans and scrambled egg

For dinner that same day.

Truth is

I wasn’t organised

I had to get the kids to swimming, back and then I was off delivering sessions in Chippenham. 

And given my kids love baked beans and scrambled eggs

And I know they are getting decent fibre and protein

And it takes about 5 minutes from microwave to plate..

For me?

It is the perfect go to

As a last resort.

And this brings me to this:

If you ever find yourself asking:

“Is this [insert food] ok?”


Can I have [insert food]?

Asking this questions will probably give you the answer:

“What is the alternative?”

And having a plan you can do on your busiest most stressful day 

Is probably one of the most important parts of find a plan that is sustainable 

And works for your lifestyle 

This is exactly what we will be doing in the free 5 Day Kickstart

Which starts on Monday 24th October.

To join us?

Go here:


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