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no presents 😮

So me and Mrs Fruci  we’ve decided this year 

To get no presents for each other (or the babies)

And instead go to Center Parcs for the weekend as a family.

Thing is, I don’t need anything…

Ok, ok.

Maybe I do need some socks (although I’m ok pinching Mrs Fruci’s for now 😂)

And I’d much rather create memories 

That last forever 

Than get some new, fancy gadget that is a “nice to have”..

Nothing against that if it makes people happy.

I mean, once a upon a time

I used to really care what people thought about me.

I’d save my money as a 16 year old from my part time job 

And get the top brands of clothes.

All just to “fit in”…

Crazy right?

Only for the next few weeks 

There be another new thing that was “in”…

And the interesting part is that they never really gave me what I actually wanted.

I wanted to fit in 

And feel more confident.

And despite their marketing.

Not item of clothing ever did that.

The only thing that did?

Me getting out of my own waY

No longer choosing to  believe that I’m not good enough 

No longer choosing to believe that I couldn’t change where I was

And that’s exactly what I did..

Doing another post graduate degree

Overcoming my fear of public speaking 

Facing fears..

And even declining a steady full time job in Public Health

To pursue my dream of doing what I do today.

Because when you love what you do 

There’s no need to stop..

And I apply this to our exercise and nutrition system in our Fit For Life Programme for ladies over 40 who’ve tried everything and have pretty much lost their confidence in finding something they can fit in and do…

You have to fit this to your lifestyle so you can do it.

As – ultimately- the best diet in the world is the one you can do.

As you can only create long- lasting habits by doing 

Just like you can only create long- lasting memories with loved ones by doing…

As the quote goes:

“Use today. Use every day. Make yourself satisfied with what you have been given”

It can then be easier to see the opportunities and freedom we have 

To achieve the things we really want

Rather than what we think we want.