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No one told Kathy this

So I had a chat with Kathy the other week (one of the ladies who’s been through our kickstart programme)

^^ who’s now lost 39’ and 3 stone on her journey 

About how despite knee issues



She was never really told about the impact weight loss

And strength / resistance exercise can have.

In terms of arthritis, pain management and energy.

(Not to mention 

And it’s a tricky one.

On one hand 

It can be quite unhelpful 

Just to say “lose weight” 

especially when you’re doing your best to do that.

And that advice in itself?

Purely unhelpful.

And I get that you probably know what you’re supposed to do.

But maybe there’s just so much conflicting information 

That you don’t know where to start.

So I thought I’d give you two simple places to Starr:

  1. Have a good source of protein at every meal – about a hand

-sized  portion – that could be meat, fish, eggs, beans (double the portion in this case( or dairy.

  1. Get 5 different vegetables in your diet today – that could be onions and tomatoes in a spag Bol or spinach and peppers in an omelette 

Why these 2 habits?

✅ they’re super simple to follow

✅ they’ll get you to plan in advance somewhat (which means you have fewer decisions to make so when making decisions in the moment, you won’t have to draw on so much willpower )

✅ fibre and protein help keep you full up (no to mention have health benefits over that, including muscle , bone density, cholesterol, blood sugar levels. and blood pressure)

✅ they’ll subconsciously help to control calorie intake without counting calories/ points or syns and prioritise whole, nutritious foods that are designed to help Uk I keep full up (rather than foods in the snack isle which are designed to make you eat more and more 😉)

And if you’re thinking 

“But I still eat when I’m not hungry”

I’ll cover that one tomorrow 

Matt “habits” Fruci