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No one else will do it..

No one else will do it..

It’s something I’ve been speaking a lot about recently ..

That your “energy flows where your attention goes”

If you’re always stuck on what went wrong…

What you didn’t do ..

You can’t expect to feel great. 

You’re leaving confidence and energy on the table .

That’s why I ask the question so often:

“No matter how big or small, what was your most significant win this week?”

And I asked about it before New Year.

Here’s just some of them here:

And I can’t guarantee this..

But I can say that you’re more likely to get a lift in your energy, mood and confidence if you ask this question. 

So you can sit back sometimes, reflect and say “I actually did my best” 

“What did I do last week?”

“Would I have normally done that?”

Like I always says, it’s about being  1% better each day.

Doing the small, seemingly insignificant tasks, which add up over time to transformational results. 

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