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New normal?

I know it’s a cliché thing to say,

But time is flying by right now..

And Mrs Fruci came back from the shops yesterday 

(our dishwasher and washing machine are leaking so we needed a plunger and some stuff to unblock the pipes…hasn’t worked though…so back to to washing up for now)

But anyway…

She mentioned how quickly it has become so ‘normal’ to just social distance in the queue. 

And I’ll be honest

The thought that popped in to my head was:

“I can’t wait for it to be normal again”

^^^I know I mentioned the other day about this and me missing our inperson sessions, our members, coffee mornings, jokes and laughs…in fact we were supposed to all be doing the colour 5k in Newbury next month, which of course, will not be happening)

But the thing is…

We have know idea when it will be ‘normal’ again

Or if it even will

I mean, social distancing will have to happen for a while by the sounds of it.

Of course, this doesn’t impact our sessions too much as it just means smaller sessions 

(and even going outside if needs be, although we will be keeping our LIVE home workouts as they have gone down really well and been convenient for ladies who cannot get to the sessions anyway).

But with all of this in mind, we have two options:

  1. Wait and hope for things to be ‘normal’ 
  2. Adapt to what is going on now and control what we can

I am always talking about controlling what you can…

Because you will always lose if you argue with reality …

But just like my 3-year old daughter has bumped off Peppa Pig for Frozen overnight 

And now watches nothing but Frozen….

(and even tells me off for singing ‘Let it gooooooooo, Let it gooo” <<< apparently I am not a princess? Excuuuuuuuuse me haha)

Things will change 

And get better…


I am not so sure…

So for now?

Control what you can…

Like Professor Karpe (Professor of Metabolic Medicine at Oxford University)  said when referring to lung capacity and our health right now:

“It’s quicker than people think to build this up. In two weeks you will have an improved capacity.”

Exciting right?

That YOU can change so quickly

Your fitness 


The way you feel

Body tone

Your routine…

Just like Krissie said yesterday after her first session:

“Did a work out earlier today as well. It was good. Feeling really excited about this 😀😀😀

And Teresa who has just started with our Back to Basics workouts where we breakdown the exercise to make it super simple:

“Done the back to basic sessions via the recording. 

Found it very good – will be attending the session tonight at 6.30 pm”

And Alison:

“Thanks Matt. You are really encouraging 💪🏻I loved the back to basics. So useful.”

My point?

The fastest way to change the way you feel right now?

Control what you can…

And it just so happens that exercise can make you feel better

Regardless of whether you have any motivation 

Or want to do it…

Matt ‘Let it goooooooo, let it gooooooo” Fruci