Do I need to do cardio to lose weight?

A question I got earlier this week.

It’s something I’ve touched on before.

But my responses can change.

As my experience and the science...also changes.​

And being reminded by the science and application can also help you make better-informed decisions about your health, diet, and weight loss.

We should all be open-minded and willing to learn so we don’t carry on doing the things that waste our time and money (miracle supplements, detox tea etc.).

And it surprised me that I got the following email this week after writing a blog about setting up your environment for successful weight loss:

“You’ve spoken about this before, why do you keep answering the same questions?”


Because if one person asks it, at least another 5 are thinking it.

So here we go:





Yay or nay?

Well, once upon a time (about 5 years ago) I would've said: YES!

3 years later, I would've: NO!

But after years of helping others just like you lose weight and keep it off, without giving up chocolate and spending hours on the treadmill (as I couldn’t do that either), I’d now say:

It depends…

On you!

Is your lifestyle quite active? Running around after the family? Do a lot of steps during the day?

Well, perhaps you don’t do need cardio?


Do you enjoy it?

Does it help you de-stress?

If yes, then perhaps we will include some.

If no, maybe we can look to increase your cardio as part of your day / lifestyle?

I enjoy going for a walk (with Dora…my dog).

It’s not strenuous and fits in with my day…

And if I don’t do it…

I could come home to a chewed up laptop charger, a missing kitchen towel, and an empty bag of dog food (true story…and more on that another day).

And this is key.


Because, if it didn’t.

It just becomes ‘another thing to do’.


A burden on TIME

^^^ our most important asset…

So, do you need to do cardio?

It depends...

The right nutrition programme FOR YOU accompanied with an exercise plan (which does or doesn't involve cardio) that you enjoy and fits your lifestyle…works too!

Find what you enjoy…and you’ll be more likely to stick to it!

Why is this important?

Because the secret behind successful weight loss diets is…


Speak soon,


PS. Tomorrow I’ll answer a question about whether you need to do cardio to lose weight…

PPS. Just kidding…I’ve got a recipe that's 'easy like Sunday moooorning...' <<< I hope you sang that..

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