So I was away the other week

And – as you do with the kids – we were checking out the parks nearby 😂 

^^ I remember the days when I used to check out the bars and restaurants nearby 😂 

Anyway, there was one with a trampoline. 

Which is an instant hit with the kids.

Only, they were initially disappointed 

Because they weren’t allowed to bounce

They could only sit and watch an “Owl sanctuary show”

And I must admit, 

Even I was gripped.

There I was thinking I knew it all about owls 🦉 

You know, that they sleep at night…

Only for the guy talking to be busting myths…

Saying that’s what you hear but some sleep in the night and some sleep in the day…

That pesticides on crops killing mice and insects meant some owls were struggling to find enough food …

That not many owls actually make the aoints twit twooo… 

But enough about owls.

The reason I’m sharing this? 

When you see and hear something enough times 

We think it’s true …

And it’s the same in the fitness, diet and health industry.

You know, we are told:

✅ Eat breakfast to spike your metabolism (yet it doesn’t spike your metabolism to the extent that your metabolism burns off more calories than you eat for it depends on you, does eating breakfast help you control your food intake in the day  or does it mean you eat more throughout the day?

✅  Eating after 6pm means you store more fat (the key thing is total calorie intake throughout the day, when you eat has some but very minimal difference, it’s what you eat after 6pm, you know, the snacks and drinks)

✅ Fix your gut health and your comfort eating will disappear ( sure, increasing fibre can help keep you full up BUT we have few mechanisms to actually measure our gut health in every day life right now, so a better question is to find out why you are comfort eating and getting to the bottom of that)

✅ Carbs make you fat —> excess carbs, agreed. But you only have to look at different cultures around the world to see that carbs do not make you fat. Look at the white rice consumption in Asia…

✅ you should be able to do it on your own —> this is a big one. The hardest part to reach out is when you’re struggling. And unfortunately, this is the natural dip amongst any change process, which is NORMAL. So don’t beat yourself up, reach out for help. 

It’s like at Fruci Fit when we work with you in our Kickstart programme, it’s a two way process. We can’t help you if you don’t help us. We are not mind readers and all we ask is you meet us half way as that’s what will help you get the results you want 


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