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My truth (Nearly didn’t write this)

You’ve probably heard me talk before about how much I love writing these blogs.

They’re a little bit ‘journal like’ for me at times

Whether I’m walking, sat a desk, or even in the bath 

I write every, single day 


Well, in the main,

It’s an opportunity to try and inspire as many  local ladies

over 40 to ditch the dieting 

And escape the soul destroying diets and “influencers”

Showing off their perfect life (with the perfect Instagram filter).

Half the time they’re selling some supplement they’ve never used before.

They’re positioned like celebrities.

for what?

having an artificial perfect pre baby body and wearing a bikini 

(Not much has in lockdown)

You might think 

“Why does it matter to you, Matt?”

Well, having had an eating disorder growing up

And having 2 daughters myself 

I can’t help but be a little concerned by some of the stuff I see online 

Thinking that my daughters will be seeing that..

And I get it.

It almost makes us think our self worth has to be based on our body image.

I mean,  I would be lying if I said that looking good and feeling fit 

Doesn’t make me feel better.

But that  doesn’t means it’s the cause of confidence or feeling good..

In fact, I’ve looked a lot leaner and more toned than I do right now..

But I’ve never been happier.

I have a great balance of eating the foods I like, enjoying meals with the kids, fitting in exercise around daddy day care and my coaching sessions and having a load of fun doing it.

I can’t complain.

Through trial and a lot of error

I’ve got to a place where I can say my main focus is being fit and healthy

Because it makes me FEEL GOOD.

My energy, mood, sleep <<< id out all of them before look right now 

(Maybe I’m too comfortable in my marriage 😂 )

But in all seriousness, I also want to set an example to my kids

And I know I’m less ratty and better to be around when I’ve looked after me.

So as hard as it is sometimes? 

I’ll do it for then. 

Anyway rather than focus on the influencers 

And fake stuff..

I thought I’d throw some real talk out there..

I mean with this lockdown,

I thought that this was a perfect opportunity for me to have some down time.

I thought I would write another book.

I’d get loads of quality time with Mrs Fruci and kids (don’t get me wrong we’ve had more than normal)

I’d have the time to eat cook..

I’d get in to yoga and do it everyday 

The Reality?

I’ve worked harder than I ever have done

(I’ll be honest, I was a worried about what would happen with the business side of things. I mean, although we have always been online, I wasn’t sure how everyone would take to it, thankfully, it’s gone well, so well, that many of the ladies have asked us to continue our live workouts and coaching more often) 

I’m eating lots of healthy food [along with more snacks than normal]

I’ve been going to be later than ever (sorted this a bit better this last week) 

And you know what?

Even though I know it’s a stupid thing to say..

I still sometimes get that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Why haven’t I done more?”

But I’ve realised…

that this is ok.

I still have my health.

My family still have their health.

I have a roof over my head.

& it’s shown me that our members are absolutely amazing in helping us through this.

In fact, I’m working in some pretty cool stuff every week to go On top of our

4 live workouts a day 

✅ Yoga 

Live meditation 

✅ Live nutrition and mindset coaching 

Done for you meal plans 

✅  Ask the Physio Q and A

live cooking 

✅ magic show workouts 

Quiz nights, race nights and fancy dress (don’t ask)


by sharing all of this, it could well help a few other ladies that

might have been feeling similar recently. [that’s the inspiration bit to a few]

Now I know that by sharing this there will be a few readers that will

probably want to unsubscribe from my emails.

After all why follow a nutritionist that snacks more than he wants to 

That finishes the kids dinners make than he wants to 

That had an eating disorder etc

 And that’s ok.

I’m not for everyone.

The influencers will probably resonate more.

But I know that by sharing this

Some ladies will resonate..

And if this makes them feel better?

I don’t mind some people thinking “who is this guy? I don’t want to follow him”

In fact, the best thing about my “job” is that I can be 100% myself

And that feels amazing. .

I’ll finish with this:

Write down 3- 5 things you’re grateful for.

If you’re struggling.

Frame it like this:

What’s the most positive thing about today?

And know that it’s ok not to be perfect.

Yep, that’s right 

If you haven’t dropped 2 dress sizes 

Whilst learning to play the piano and becoming fluent in Italian?

That’s ok 😉

Thanks for listening..

A random one today. 

Until next time..