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“My husband couldn’t believe I did it:

So I had a message from two of the ladies last week

Saying that aside from find some routine in this crazy time

They’d also noticed a few things:

 They’d been going up and down the stairs more easily

 They had gone some things down in the garden from the shed to which the husband ‘couldn’t believe I did it” <<< as usually he always has to do it

And it reminded me of something pretty huge and powerful about this exercise stuff…

You see, the main benefits of exercise are not what most people think..

Most people think they need to exercise to lose weight.

But actually, you don’t ”have to”…

To lose weight? You just need to be in a calorie deficit. 

And although exercise sure helps with this…

The main benefits of exercise are actually 

How it changes your body shape..

For example..

Muscle is about 20% more dense than body fat..

So if you lose 5kg of body fat

And gain 5kg of muscle

You will be the SAME WEIGHT YET 20% SMALLER

^^^ This was actually a question in our quiz night last night

Meaning you’re clothes will fit better ✅

Everyday tasks are easier  ✅

Because you are stronger and fitter ✅

You feel more confident ✅

Blood sugar levels improve ✅

Lung capacity improves ✅

Quality of life and independence prolonged ✅

In fact, a recent study (2019)

Showed that total excess costs associated with muscle weakness were £2707 per person per year in the UK.

Resulting in ‘an estimated annual excess cost in the UK of £2.5 billion”


The good news?

A 2011 study showed that adults aged 70-79 years preserved muscle and prevented fat gain with age suggesting that

Muscle loss and fat gain may be ‘the effect of chronic disuse rather than muscle ageing”

But I get even with that

It is hard to know where to start…

You see, being ‘active’ is important

But is it enough?

I am not so sure…

There is more and more interest in resistance and muscle strengthening exercise right now 

And the effects are exciting in terms of ageing. 

If you’re not sure where to start?

Send me over a message and come and join in one of our live workouts specifically for ladies 40+:

7pm tonight (4 spaces)

9am Saturday (3 spaces)

And give it a try 

Just message me asap if you’d like to give it a go

And I’ll get you set up