Michelle 💪

So yesterday…

I saw Michelle for the first time since before lockdown at one of our in-person workouts. .

Michelle has – and still  is – doing our live home workouts from home…

So I knew she’d been training and keeping up the habits (I’m always annoyingly watching to help you do the things you know you need to do  👀)

But wow..

Last night..

Michelle just did a push up (or 10) on her tip toes 😮 

And I know you might be thinking “I could never do that”

Just remember this…

Whenever you go into that mindset…

Consider that …

They just started before you!

You see, when Michelle started 

She was doing push ups against the wall.

It’s a  great way to start learning the form and work around any issues getting up and down from the floor (like we do in our no floor workouts)

^^^ At the end of the day, this is you vs you …you have to start somewhere. And if you don’t start, you might even go backwards 🤔


Michelle started making progress,

Moving to her knees to do the push ups…

And now 

On to her tip toes!

Check it out here https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=328732411838585

And something I always talk about 

Is that no matter what the scales say 

If you’re getting stronger and fitter?

Something is changing 💪

Whether that’s everyday tasks becoming easier 

Less out of breath climbing stairs

Feeling more confident 

Being able to stand for longer periods of times 

Less aches and pains 

More energy 

Fitting clothes better 

Be patient…

And just get started today.

No matter how small.

Just like Michelle did.

Remember, you don’t have to change it all today.

^^ especially as this  might give you a comfort blanket to day doing anything 

Even if it’s a walk 


10 push ups again the wall…

You have to start to build momentum and create new, positive habits 

(Which I’m guessing you want to do)

And who knows…

This might just help fight off muscle loss with age, boost your fitness and leave you feeling fitter and stronger.


Feel proud that you’ve attended an exercise session (and it wasn’t as bad as you thought)

Being able to get excited about the clothes you get to wear

Not worrying about health so much…

It all starts with one step!

We are down to the last 4  spaces now for our 28 Day kickstart programme which you can do in Marlborough, Devizes or from Home. 

Message me with “28 Day”

And I’ll get you the details .


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