Message from Theresa…

Got this message from Theresa last week:

Which I absolutely love,

Because in a world of ‘keeping up with the Joneses” 

Comparing ourselves to everyone else..

The fact is…

The secret to getting the results YOU want 

Is to focus on what you can control TODAY..

And ultimately

Making choices that make you feel good (not please anyone else…)

You see, it is not about ‘restriction’

It is not about ‘being hungry all of the time’

‘Missing out’


It is actually about knowing that you have a choice today..

No one forces us to exercise

To choose more nutritious so called ‘healthy foods’

Sure, some might call that boring .

Some might prefer to do something else

And that is OK

You might change your decision day to day

But the key thing here?

Is knowing you have the choice. 

It is why we describe our food choices a bit like having a budget…

If we spend a lot on meals out and wine every week…

We might not have enough left over for the weekend away we wanted..

Just like if we always choose to eat the cake because it is in the office and ‘it is there’ 

That is OK but we probably won’t get the results we want if we are not in a calorie deficit (whether you count the calories or not)

And the secret?

Learning to love the process.

And how it makes you feel 

And being OK with not always making the ‘best’ choice

After all

It has to fit your lifestyle and the lifestyle you want to live


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