Merry Christmas 🎅 

Just a quick one to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Have a lovely day with the ones you can share it with today…

And for those that you can’t share it with?

Send them an appreciation message…

Facetime / Zoom..

Send a letter…

Plan a ‘Christmas’ for when you can…

And in the words of D:Ream AKA Brian Cox:


Can only get better’


I wasn’t sure whether to write today.

But I have done it every year and I always talk to you about consistency, right?

I’m not sure you’d want to receive an email from your friendly neighbourhood fitness and nutrition friend on the same day

You are encouraged to drink prosecco and eat cake…;-)

But seeing as I normally write every day?

I thought it’d be weird if I didn’t send you a quick email.

So, just like David Brent says in The Office (which I always watch over Christmas…):

“When the dog looks in the river to see its reflection

It thinks the other dog has a bigger bone

As the dog goes to get the other bone

It drops the bone it had

And ends up with none!”

So…cherish those around you and be grateful (I started my day off like I do every other day…write 3-5 things I’m grateful for!)

Presents, pigs in blankets, more pigs in blankets, and – of course- my daughters…

and Mrs Fruci (who’s birthday is today…selfish I know…it’s always about her 😂 )

Matt ‘ Merry Christmas’ Fruci

PS. By the way, if you do end up eating twice your bodyweight in purple Quality Street, turkey, After Eights and…Brussel Sprouts..and pigs in blankets

(Much like we all intend to today haha)

And you start to feel a bit ‘guilty’ about it?

Don’t let it ruin your Christmas Day

One day of overindulgence isn’t really going to do you any harm

Besides, if it really DOES bother you that much?

You can always do something about it tomorrow…


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