Menopause, hot flushes and soy?

“I’m going through the menopause, I feel tired, get hot flushes and struggle to sleep. Any tips?”

^^ I question I got recently

Now, yesterday I spoke about supplement and the free guide and training I did

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Now, of course, I’ll never know what this feels like. But I can’t imagine it’s pleasant.

Anyway, what I can tell you is what our friends in lab coats have found. Now, they were intrigued by the findings that there are lower frequencies of hot flushes in Japan…

Is it linked to their diet?

Well, the research found that consuming 2 or more soya products a day (such as tofu, milk or yogurt) reduced hot flushes by 26%…

Other theories pointed towards oily fish, omega 3, perhaps vitamin E and seeds such as flaxseeds, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and spicy food etc

And a potential bonus to help improve your quality of sleep and increase your energy levels which COULD help you make better informed, more intelligent decisions about the foods you eat:

**Eat the majority of your carbs closer to bed rather than earlier in the day**

I know what you’re thinking: “Won’t they just turn to fat as I’m not burning them off?”

Nope…it’s your overall intake over the day that counts.

And eating your carbs later in the day can help elevate your sleep hormone and help you sleep.

It reminds me of when I have a big carb meal and crash on the sofa. It’s why I rarely have a carby lunch…it suits my lifestyle better (but that’s not for everyone)

Which leads me on to this:

​​​​Like everything in this diet and toning up game, it’s trial and error and learning what works for YOU!

The most important part? 

Start, assess, and tweak!​​​​​​

And this is exactly what we do in our kickstart


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