Meet Jos 👋 who joined Fruci Fit in lockdown, starting from home before coming into our private studio.

🔥 Jos joined Fruci Fit feeling low, wanting to lose weight and knowing she had to something from how out of breath she was getting from climbing stairs and doing everyday tasks which were needed for her job

😧 Jos admits she was “petrified” at first about coming in but despite enjoying the flexibility of working with us online from her home, finds being around like-minded women and the sessions fun and supportive  

💪 Jos is now 2 stone down, fitter, stronger and in control of her food, despite trying everything before (from slimming clubs to injections to balloons to juices, you name it) 

😀Jos achieved all of this despite had a knee replacement, highlighting how important it is to focus on what you can do

Watch her full story here 👇


If you’d like to join us on the next 28 Day Kickstart?

Message me with “kickstart”

And I’ll get you the details 


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