Meet Helen from Wiltshire

Helen joined Fruci Fit after feeling her fitness had dropped and losing the feel good factor of exercise, feeling sluggish and missing that endorphin high and being physically capable again.

Helen noted how amazing the community was from Day 1, feeling comfortable and how everyone around you supports you, with like-minded ladies knowing where you are coming from, whether you are just starting or been coming a while. 

As Helen says, “before you know it, you feel part of a team”

Having done some running, classes, and yoga before, Helen admitted that she was not sure that a 30 minute session would be enough.

As Helen says, she now feels she puts more in for the 30 minutes and can now keep it up consistently rather than thinking she has to do a 1 hour exercise session, and is enjoying having the flexibility and choice to do more if she wants to.

Helen has also done workouts from home and even on holiday, something she would never feel motivated to do, loving the variety and the fact you can do it with no equipment.

Helen is now feeling stronger and more confident, even now trying things in exercise she didn’t think she could do, with the saying in her head ‘I can’t do that’ disappearing.

Helen’s next aim is to complete a running event and target weight loss.

Well done, Helen 👏

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