made a difference to that one 🌊

So you may have noticed – or may be doing- the “plastic free July” campaign 

That is on right now

To help us reduce our use of plastic.

Which is great.

The cool thing about It?

Even if you are not totally plastic free this month

It still makes you more aware of how much we do use

Which might just help us make one better decision each day.

Like the other day..

Walked in to Costa to get a coffee at a service station 

But forgot my mug. 

So I ran back to the car to get it..

(Ok, maybe I didn’t run…I walked 😂 I hate running)

Sometime I’d never have done a year or so ago..

My point?

We’ll happily accept that our small, daily decisions with plastic 

Will help the environment

But when it comes to our health?

Weight loss?


How we feel?

Becoming our best self?

We can’t seem to sell it to ourself..

That getting 1% better each day adds up.

 just like with disposable coffee cups: 

One a day, is 7 a week, and 1456 a year…

Imagine if you did that with your habits?

With your perspective?

In how you react to stress?

With your eating?


Self care?

In summary…

So what are you waiting for?

How can you get 1% better TODAY?

And if you need somewhere to start, 

Try this today:

Write down:

What might stress you out or “trip you up” today?

Then ask:

How would your best self deal with that? 

Notice then where your energy goes when you put your attention on YOU.

Which allows you respond to situations and stay in control.

And this might the difference between finishing the pack of biscuits

And not.

Or skipping your exercise 

And not..

Matt “1%” Fruci

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