3 Solutions for a weight loss plateau 

Firstly, I want to say well done

As by hitting a weight loss plateau? 

You have also done something many people struggle to do…

Lose weight and keep that weight off.

But is one reason you have hit a plateau and a strategy to overcome each one:

Reason 1: You are now a smaller human being…

Being smaller, lighter and lower in weight

Is something a lot of people aspire to.


It just so happens that this also means you are more likely to hit a plateau. 


Well, if you have less fat to carry around

You will burn fewer calories. 

Which means that the calories you were eating to lose the first half a stone for example..

May not be what you need to lose the next half a stone. 

In fact, one study showed that weight loss continued after weight loss when they added a weight to a weight vest to represent the weight lost e.g. if you lost 7lbs, you would wear a 7lb weight vest so you are still burning the same number of calories… (I am not saying do this by the way haha)

Solution 1: Can you be sure it is a plateau?

Sometimes we think we have hit a plateau, but actually we just have not tested it for long enough. 

The less you need to change, the better for the long term.

So before thinking about exercising more or dropping calories,

Have you been consistent doing what you are doing for 2-4 weeks?

Once you have done this and seen ZERO change, then I would consider changing things up 

Solution 2:  EAT more food (not calories)

Don’t get too excited about this one..

I don’t mean your metabolism has slowed down due to going into starvation mode..

But rather we are not in a calorie deficit…

So we may need to drop calories a bit

And increase our nutrient dense foods

Such as veggies for the fibre and protein to help keep you full up.

Are you getting protein at each meal?

Could you increase it?

Solution 3: Increase your NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis if you speak Latin)

These are the calories we burn from everyday activities like fidgeting, cleaning, using the stairs instead of the lift, throwing the kids up in the air (as I did the other day…they are getting big now too),  shopping, and – even – singing and dancing, or walking…

And it’s NEAT that can often explain why you can’t lose weight…

Because trying to lose weight does mean that your body fights you a bit. It almost doesn’t want you to lose weight. It almost sees it as a danger. So one of the ways it does this by decreasing your NEAT…

almost without you knowing…

You might opt for the lift instead of the stairs.

Drive to the shops instead of walking.

Stop twitching your leg whilst sitting down…

Some research has even shown that the difference between an overweight twin and a lean twin is their “fidgeting” habits.

One is always on his feet and can’t sit still and the other is quite happy to sit there and play computer games…

And it explains why you might initially be losing some fat, but then it comes to a halt. Because what was ONCE a calorie deficit, is no longer a calorie deficit as you subconsciously move less…

So, with that in mind, here are things to consider when trying to increase your NEAT

1) Track your steps so you know if you’re subconsciously moving less (and burning fewer calories)

2) Do some resistance exercise / muscle strengthening exercise as this may help slow down / lessen the decrease in NEAT

3) Avoid sitting for long periods where possible (our 1 minute workouts are great for this)

Anyway, just a “NEAT”” way to think about overcoming a plateaus  

Have you ever hit a plateau? 


PS. Mrs Fruci says I talk too much, but what she doesn’t understand is that I’m just increasing my NEAT ;-)​

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