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look at the scales 🤬

 look at the scales 🤬

“Just ignore it”

I say to myself when my 3 year old has a moment …

As the more I go in..

The more it becomes a battle I won’t win. 

I let her have a minute or 3…

Time passes and we move on.

We would still be there now without the power of some reflection and quiet time.

It then becomes so much easier to talk through it .

In a calm state.

And this is the same when it comes to those scales..

You see when they go down

We celebrate, cheer 😃 think the scales must be broken or something is wrong 😂 we probably “lost water”

When they go up? 

We believe they must be right. We are different. Nothing works. What’s the point? I may as well quit and binge. 

^^ what that’s actually saying is if I don’t lose weight I may as well just gain weight 🧐 

Now I spoke the scales more here

But here’s a summary of what you might want to know about:

1)Consider that  it is normal for your weight to fluctuate up to 4lbs daily (try to weigh first thing in the morning before eating or drinking and after the loo to minimise fluctuations but this may still happen…here’s why 

2) You had a bit more fibre – fibre is great for you but will be in your digestive system for longer meaning should you be increasing this it can cause a fluctuation 

3) You started drinking more water- short term you might get some fluctuations in weight (just like if you sit in a sauna and don’t drink water for a few hours you’ll lose some weight (only to put it all back on 

4) You had a few extra carbs- every gram of carbs you eat, you store 4g of water. This is not fat but can again result in more fluctuations 

5) and this is without going into hormonal changes, exercise and muscle and even hayfever  potential impacting  the  scales 😮 

Now, You might think: what’s the point in weighing yourself?

Well, it depends. 

What we don’t want is you attached to a number which is – as you can see above – not 100% in your control 

Especially as the exercise you do, the water you drink, the protein you add in, the fibre you eat, the self awareness journey you go through whilst going through a health and fitness journey like ours at Fruci Fit using our 3F system…

Will result in benefits independent of weight loss..

From bone health 

To muscle and strength 

To making every day tasks easier 

Sleeping better

More energy 

Better routine 

More in control of food again and ditching the binge eating

Which over time 

Will result in better health markers 

One of which may well be weight

But just consider 

When you say “the scales aren’t moving quick enough”

Ask yourself 

Compared to who? Compared to what?

This is your journey 

There’s lots of variables as I said above 

Not to mention your home / work life and genetics 

Which all play a part.

The secret?

Keep showing up and – potentially –  accepting that it may take longer for you than the person next to you.

After all

What’s the alternative?

Give up ?

Do nothing?

What happens then?

3 months from now? 

1 year from now? 

5 years from now?