Lessons from a kids spa…

Went to a spa the other weekend…

and they let kids in early morning.

So being the romantic I am?

Me, Mrs Fruci and our kids went to the spa…

and wow

what a difference

You know in a Jacuzzi where everyone has their own personal space, right?

Well, with the kids spa

It was more like musical chairs.

throw in splashing and shouting

and it is no wonder

that the couple having a romantic green tea in the hot tub at 8am before breakfast

swiftly got out.

Why am I sharing this?

Well, people can go to the same place and get completely different experiences.

And it is the same in the health and fitness industry.

We have hundreds of ladies who say they HATE gyms and exercise..

yet when they train with us?

They enjoy it (at least when they finish haha)

they now HATE missing it..

amazing right?

And as hard as it is to get there sometimes (be it with us in the studio or from home)

The difference is massive..

More than just shifting a few lbs on the scales..

but freeing themselves from low mood and self esteem

to boosting their confidence

improving relationships

going for promotions in their work

putting conditions like Type 2 diabetes into remission

To getting up and down from the floor more easily 

just to name a few of the successes from Fruci Fit clients of late..

My point in all of this?

It is our mission to get you to focus on what you CAN do..

No matter the obstacles 

Or injuries

Or fears…

There is a huge need in society right now (in my humble but accurate opinion)

for people to see that they can enjoy exercise (and get so much benefit from it)

^^ and this is before we touched nutrition

I mean, imagine if your first experience of a spa

had kids screaming and splashing?

you probably would not go back either

and that is how about 70% of the population feel about exercise right now…


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