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Last 4 spaces [home workout programme]

A quick heads up:

Despite the crazy times we find ourselves in, communities and families are pulling together, supporting each other, it’s been lovely to see. 

It is fair to say our community of ladies has been the same, they are helping motivate and inspire each other, and they are loving the new schedule we put together, it offers lots of variety of LIVE workouts 4 times a day Monday to Friday, and another TWO on a Saturday, 

including no floor workouts where it is all from standing, boxing workouts (no equipment), towel workouts, my magic show (honest), quiz night, and – of course -Legs Bums and Tums.

We are now down to our last 4 places for next week.

In addition to our workouts, we have added weekly mindset and motivation session, plus stretchology and meditations

We feel that the schedule we have is CRITICAL to keep you mentally and physically balanced, and have a laugh at the same time too.

For example:

Exercising everyday sounds great, but not if you’re not recovering properly..

And performing the exercises safely and effectively. Something we go over in the Saturday technique sessions where we work through how to perform each move so you are getting the most out of it (and getting results from it)


You need to rest, recover and eat well between workouts.  

So for us, having a stretch and relaxation session in-between workouts, doing some mindset and motivation work, and maybe discovering how to eat tasty food, and still lose weight, would be a good idea.

It’s a holistic approach.

In that we try to address all things : The FOOD, the FITNESS, and the FOCUS (self care)

BUT it’s a good laugh too, as we are a COMMUNITY of women over 40 (not me of course), 

and pretty much anything goes, we don’t judge and we encourage you not to be embarrassed and always ask for help if you need it, as getting help is always the right thing to do if you are a bit stuck.  

Whether that’s with technology 

Or motivation..

As Vanessa shared yesterday on Facebook, I am here for you:

“Matt Fruci just want to thank you for having the ability and flexibility to quickly adapt and alter the practicalities of the work outs for us all, so that we can continue to strive towards our personal goals we have set ourselves.. 

As you know I am absolutely rubbish at this on line stuff and have no idea when you talk about Google time, facebook, or live something or other very often, in fact very, very often check in within you to help me through it. 

And you go through it with me every time. 

I have been really frightened that I will put all the weight back on and my aches and pains, I started out with, 18 months ago and worked very hard to strengthen and get rid of, with your guidance  is not sabotaged because of being stuck at home, where there is so much time on ones hands for very bad habits to return.

 Your constant checking in with me to see how I am and even when you say my name in a session like’ Vanessa get those hips higher’ despite not being able to see me, or when Im ready to stop, I hear you say ‘come on two more, focus on the next rep’ or what ever it is, gives me what i need to hear, pushing me that bit further. 

When I bail out on a session cos I don’t have the motivation for example, I know it will have a negative impact on my mental emotional well being that day.  I can really see a difference in how positive I am likely to engaging in more activities mood etc when I do the sessions each day.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss seeing everyone, catching up with some great friends I have got to know and the jokes and laughter we have, however as a second best this is great for the time being  At the end of the day we are where we are and I will make the most of it with yours and my lovely friends support. 

So thanks Matt for the work and effort you continue to put in to make this work for me. 

By the way, you might want to do a bit of research into telling better jokes, some are really , I’m sorry to say, naff. 

Anyway thanks to you, Julie and Kate along with the friends from the class to keeping me focused and not taking “No” from me when I give an excuse for not joining a class.  Sending lots of love to everyone. Hang in there.😊😎”

That’s all for today.

Our LIVE home workout programme is designed to help ladies in Wiltshire over 40 drop a dress size and get fitter in 28 days.

For all of the details, just reply with ’28 day’ and I’ll get you all of the details